Pantone CMYK Color Guide Coated & Uncoated Guide Set
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CMYK Color Guide

Coated & Uncoated

PANTONE CMYK Color Guide Coated & Uncoated - View 1
PANTONE CMYK Color Guide Coated & Uncoated - View 2
PANTONE CMYK Color Guide Coated & Uncoated - View 3
  • 2,868 colors created in 4-color process
  • Colors are distinct from PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® Colors
  • Coated and uncoated two-guide set


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The PLUS SERIES CMYK Guides contain 2,868 CMYK colors on both coated and uncoated paper. Chromatically arranged for more intuitive selection and easy inspiration, this two-guide set allows you to visualize, communicate and control CMYK colors for type, logos, borders, backgrounds and other graphic treatments. This wide range of colors is in addition to the 1,755 PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Colors.

Easily work with these and thousands more of the most up-to-date PANTONE Colors in your favorite design software with the included free download of PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software, a $49 value, upon product registration. Learn More


  • 2,868 chromatically arranged process colors
  • 16 distinct colors per page
  • Screen tint percentages are provided
  • Two-guide set on coated and uncoated stock
  • Accurately select, specify and communicate CMYK color for four-color process printing
  • Shows the effect of coated and uncoated stocks on each color
  • Provides a printed standard for color comparison and quality control
  • All colors are reproducible within commercially accepted printing standards
  • Text weight paper substrates
  • Portable fan deck format measures 1-11/16" x 9 1/4"
  • PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software for updating PANTONE Colors in popular design applications
  • Includes ColorChecker® Lighting Indicator to aid in lighting evaluation

PANTONE CMYK Guides provide an additional 2,868 CMYK colors beyond the shades in the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM. Simply select the coated or uncoated guide, and then fan out the pages to begin searching for the perfect shade. Using PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software, you can ensure that you have these colors available to choose from in your favorite design software, or you can simply enter the provided CMYK values directly.

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