Fashion advice and pantone colors for Fall 2013 - Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2013
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Betsy Burnham
Burnham Design
Which decade has influenced you most?

The decade that most influences me is always the present one. My tastes are always changing, evolving and influenced by whatever is current. Right now I love tonal color combinations shot through with brights, such as Burgundy and shades of Blush and a hit of Hot Pink.

I'm also influenced by the '70s (not surprising since I grew up during that decade) because I love earthy neutrals like Khaki and Olive. I always use these kinds of colors to ground my rooms and provide juxtaposition to the brights that I bring in.

What color advice do you share with your customers?

I encourage my clients to embrace color! I'm always pushing them outside their comfort zones and into pale Purple entry walls, onto Teal linen sofas, and Pink and Orange Turkish rugs. I also remind them that using color doesn't mean painting strong colors on their walls; on the contrary, saturated color becomes much more meaningful and sophisticated when used in conjunction with neutrals. I love White walls hung with bright, colorful, abstract art, a Khaki sofa with Hot Pink pillows or Gray kitchen cabinets with Chartreuse and White rag rugs on the floor. Good use of color is about the right mix and a balance that keeps it both livable and timeless.

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