Rachel Roy - PANTONE Color Samba - Pantone Fashion Color Report, Fall 2013
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Rachel Roy
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The masters of Chiaroscuro and how they manipulate and create dimension between light and dark. That contrast for me — either done subtly or bolder — is a very interesting use of color.

prominent colors
Fiery and Deep Port Reds, as well as Chambord and Noble Blue; Marsh and Hunter Greens, a Fiery Ochre Yellow and Glowing Amber; a dramatic jeweled Malachite Green is the new winter-bright statement; Pearl and Winter Whites and Violet are essential accents.

signature color
Fiery Red is the rich foundation color on which other jewel tones are layered, such as Malachite Green, Deep Amber and Hunter Greens. Juxtaposing those dark colors with Pearl, Winter White or Violet as accents gives it a modern feel.

must-have item
An ornate hand-stitched sweater in Gold that pairs back to menswear pinstripe pants and corset dresses with decorative sleeves in Deep Chambord.

color advice
Almost nothing else but color can instantly change your mood or outlook when you put it on. Color provides instant confidence. Sometimes women shy away from it, so I want to show them effortless ways to use it in their everyday wardrobe.
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