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Shop best sellers and new products that fit any budget.
Color of the Year 2017 - Greenery PANTONE 15-0343
Color Intelligence
The Pantone Color Institute's color reports and color forecasts provide
a global point of view on the movement of color across current and future seasons.
Pantone Fashion Color Report
Fashion Color Report Fall 2017
The Top 10 colors for men’s and women’s fashion for the upcoming season, from New York and London.
Pantone Gray - Quietly Assuring
Gray - Quietly Assuring
A color family that is glamourous and practical at the same time.
Pantone Color Institute
Pantone Color Institute
The Pantone Color Institute offers customized solutions for a more effective color strategy.
Pantone Studio Seamless Connectivity to Creative Cloud, Instagram, and more.
In Case You Missed It
Check out these colorful Pantone features and offers.
Are your Pantone colors up to date?
How Many Pantone Colors Are You Missing?
New colors and old guides mean you could be missing out!
Pantone Trade In Trade Up.
Trade In, Trade Up
The Trade In Program makes it easy to upgrade to the most accurate Pantone products.

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