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2004 press releases
NEW YORK - December 14, 2004 - Michele Bernhardt, world-renowned intuitive, healer, author, and creator of Colorstrology - the system that infuses elements of astrology and numerology with the spirituality of color - today announced that Violet Tulip (PANTONE® 16-3823) is the Colorstrology Color of the Year for 2005.

According to Bernhardt, 2005 will resonate with spirituality and healing. The year will begin with a heavy influence in regard to foreign affairs, education, religion and sports. Peace, balance and cooperation in all types of relationships will be a major theme and can also be a major challenge. Violet Tulip can help us see past our differences while dissolving our feelings of separateness. It increases our tolerance and helps us move through fear, unexpected events and confrontation with more ease and understanding. The Violet color ray ignites a loving perspective so that we are able to see without prejudice and heal old wounds, hurt and resentments.

The color vibration of Violet Tulip can be used to lift our spirits and bolster our faith. It promotes the assimilation of new ideas and helps us connect with the universal spirit of mankind. The call to work together in harmony with people throughout the world is strong, and Violet Tulip is conducive to increasing our vision and perspective as we strive for peace and balance in our own lives and the world at large.

"We are gifted this year with the power to heal, unite and transcend many of the difficulties we are now facing," explained Bernhardt. “Violet Tulip is a great and powerful color to wear, meditate and surround ourselves with as we actualize our intentions, pursue our life's purpose, and rekindle our sense of community.”

More information on Colorstrology is available at

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