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ColorMunki is the do everything solution that gives you the freedom to design with any color from the visible spectrum, even ones you never thought possible. Now you can swing from inspiration to production without losing color quality. And ColorMunki is so versatile, it's ready to help no matter where you grab your next idea.

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The Innovative new way to create your own world of color.

Ideal for agencies, corporate in-house and freelance designers, this do-everything solution gives you the freedom to design with any color from the visible spectrum, even ones you never thought possible. Select colors from PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® and Goe™ Libraries, image libraries or capture spot colors from just about any substrate, plus preview out-of-gamut colors by printer/paper type. Includes essential color control functions for calibrating displays, projectors and printers with spot color optimization with a fully integrated all-in-one device. Now you can swing from inspiration to production without losing color quality.

Product Details

All-in-One spectrophotometer puts the world of spectral color at your fingertips – easily capture colors and calibrate all your monitors, printers and projectors. A white calibration tile is integrated, so there’s nothing to lose or match up to your device. Also includes a protective bag which doubles as an integrated monitor holder and it all fits in the palm of your hand. This truly is your do everything color solution!

Create with Freedom

The world is jumping with inspiration and with ColorMunki Design the possibilities are virtually limitless. Bring your vision to life as you grab colors from essentially anywhere!

Experience the freedom to swing from palette to palette utilizing any color from the visible spectrum. ColorMunki Design Palette Creation software is so versatile. You can easily:

  • create and name unlimited custom color palettes
  • select colors from PANTONE® and other built-in Libraries
  • select colors from dynamically associated Harmony, Variation and Similar colors
  • capture any color from any substrate
  • automatically extract color from any image
  • search color themes by words like “fresh”, “sporty” or “vivid”


ColorMunki Design provides unique verification tools that allow you to quickly preview your colors before you go to production:

  • PrintSafe™ one-click out-of-gamut view for different printer and paper combinations
  • preview palette for CMYK or Spot color print
  • evaluate colors under different light sources


Communicate Effortlessly
When everything works together, bringing your vision to final production is the language of great design. ColorMunki provides you with essential communication functions such as:

  • automatically synchronize palettes to Adobe® Photoshop®, InDesign® and QuarkXpress® or export to your favorite design and photo applications
  • add colors from your OS picker
  • view color data in LAB, CMYK and sRGB


Calibrate with Ease
ColorMunki makes sure your design goes from inspiration to screen to print without ever sacrificing quality with the new powerful, self-guided software interface.


Display Calibration
With both easy and advanced modes for LCD and Laptop displays, you’ll master the color jungle in a snap. Easy mode has predetermined selections, so you don’t need to be a color expert. For those looking for more control over whitepoint, contrast, brightness or ambient measurements, choose the advanced mode. And, DDC auto detect control will quickly determine if your monitor is compliant and if so, perform all advanced calibrations automatically, delivering a high quality profile.

ColorMunki can calibrate multiple displays with ease and provides before and after visualization, as well as calibration reminder prompts.

Printer Calibration
Complete color control and optimized printer profiling makes sure that the color you see on your display is the color that you get.

New RGB and CMYK printer calibration technology delivers outstanding a high quality printer profile quality. Simply scan one test chart of only 50 patches and ColorMunki calculates an interim profile having learned how your printer behaves with these colors. It then produces a second chart of 50 patches that perfects your profile once you scan it. ColorMunki is so smart it even has the ability to optimize your profile based on spot colors so you can achieve the best output for your design work.

With AppSet™, there is no need to worry about what to do with your new printer profile. ColorMunki talks to your design and photo applications and automates the printer profile settings.

Projector Calibration
Tired of making excuses for your projected work? ColorMunki technology will give you fast and accurate projector profiles so you can show your designs on the big screen to clients, family and friends with color confidence!

Make ColorMunki Design your new best friend. It’s never been easier to bring your vision to life.

ColorMunki Design INCLUDES: White ColorMunki spectrophotometer, ColorMunki palette creation software, ColorMunki color calibration software, ColorMunki protection bag/monitor holder, Quick Start Guide and USB power cord. ColorMunki Design includes a limited seat license with exceptions educational institutions. Click here for more information.


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