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Save time, money, and rework by designing with colors as they would appear on the packaging materials you are working in. This software bundle gives you access to 4,518 Pantone colors in Adobe Illustrator and allows you to preview those colors as they would actually appear on your packaging materials to help you make informed color decisions and manage expectations.

This item is currently out of stock. Please call Customer Service at +1 888-PANTONE (726-8663) for more information.

To place an order, please contact or call 1.800.248.9748

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  • This software enables you to visualize and assess numerically how Pantone PMS colors will change when printed on 28 common packaging materials and in different lighting conditions.
  • Helps designers make a more informed color decision earlier in the design process.
  • Creates a printable, shareable style guide that compares a PMS color to that color on a selected packaging material or lighting conditions.


  • A plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that provides access to 4,518 up-to-date Pantone colors.
  • Enables packaging designers to see how spot colors will change in appearance when applied to different packaging materials and printing processes.
  • Provides side-by-side comparison of your design file as it would appear upon output when printed as a PMS spot color or a PMS color on 28 common packaging materials.
  • Helps designers to easily swap spot colors in their design file to improve production outcomes.

Product Application

  • When Pantone releases new colors, Cloud Sync ensures your digital libraries are up to date.
  • Synchronizes your workplace with 4,518 Pantone colors for digital, print, packaging, textile, and product applications, as well as PMS colors applied to 28 common packaging materials including flexibles, cartons, and labels and 3 most common processes including flexo, gravure, and offset.

Ordering and Installation

Follow these four steps to get started with PantoneLIVE Design

1. Purchase Your License

To order, please contact or call 1.800.248.9748

  • $99 Single license (annual renewable license)
  • $990 For license quantities of 11-25 at a single site

2. Administer and Activate Your License

  • Instructions to administer your license are found in the confirmation email received from X-Rite Pantone upon purchase
  • The X-Rite Pantone Support YouTube Channel has step-by-step instructions for activation and administrations at

3. Download PantoneLIVE Design Applications:

Design applications are in the Downloads section below
Each application is available for Mac and Windows

  • 1. Download and install ColorBook and Viewer (requires prior installation of Adobe Illustrator)
  • 2. Download and install Cloud Sync
  • 3. Download and install Visualizer

4. Tutorials and User Guides

  • The X-Rite Pantone Support Channel on YouTube has step-by-step instructions for learning to use each application
  • Visit our YouTube Channel:
  • PantoneLIVE ColorBook & Viewer User Guide (link)
  • PantoneLIVE Visualizer and PantoneLIVE Cloud Sync Quick Start Guide (link)

Once you have purchased the PantoneLIVE Design Bundle, download and install the software using the following links:

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