Library Specifications

All PantoneLIVE libraries consist of 1,988 PANTONE colors, each of which has spectral color data for both the solid (full-strength) and tints. The detailed color identities are from the following sources:

  • The complete set of 1,650 colors in the PANTONE PLUS Formula Guide Coated colors.
  • Plus 84 new colors introduced to the PANTONE PLUS Formula Guide Coated colors in 2014.
  • Additionally the library contains 154 Pastel shades from the PANTONE PLUS Series Pastels & Neons Coated colors.
  • PantoneLIVE libraries now contain 100 unique 3500-Series Coated colors in addition to the PANTONE PLUS Coated colors above*

* Since PantoneLIVE is a dynamic color cloud, we have reserved the range of colors starting with 35XX (e.g. the 3500-series) colors to reflect unique colors that represent some of the world’s most prestigious global brands. Making these unique colors available as PantoneLIVE digital standards allows suppliers to make use of the solid and tint references for label and packaging that are directly relevant to brand projects.

All PantoneLIVE data values have been measured with an X-Rite SpectroEye with No Filter (M0) and comply with the X-Rite Graphics Arts Standard (XRGA). All CIELAB values shown are calculated using illuminant D50 and the CIE 1931 2° Standard Observer.

All generic PantoneLIVE libraries and their associated data values are available on the Public PantoneLIVE™ server, accessible from your PantoneLIVE-enabled software when using the public URL:

Download "About Library Specifications" for general information common to all libraries.

Cross-sectional diagram of printing application. Final print is viewed from top of diagram. Arrows and numbers indicate process application direction and order.
Master Standard Source Library
Dependent Standard Source Library
Library Name
Dependent Standard Code
Printing Process
Substrate Name
Substrate Optical Brightener
Optimal Line Screen Ruling
Ink Film Thickness
Ink System
Anilox / Plate Volume
Overprint Varnish
Appropriate Use
Application Examples
Release Date
  Measurement Device Geometry Filter Calibration Standard
Measurement Specification
Substrate White Point CIELAB L* CIELAB a* CIELAB b*
Target Target Target

Most accurate color representation is achieved when the measured substrate is of a similar finish and within 2 CIEDE2000 units of the PantoneLIVE library substrate.

Measurement Backing Material An ISO 13655 fully compliant PantoneLIVE White Backing Card (PLV-N925) can be ordered with the following specifications:
Target Target Target
Manufacturing tolerances of PLV-N925 are no more than 0.8 CIELAB DE units to the Published ISO 13655 specification.
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