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23 Years of Color, Love and Pantone: A Mother’s Day Tribute


Pantone Color Institute
May 12, 2014

A color can elicit an emotional reaction, whether it is a passionate red or a calming blue. Oftentimes colors can serve as triggers in our memory; the pink sun dress worn when you met your husband for the first time or the green jacket your mom bought you in first grade. If a single colorful item can bring back such fond times, what could an entire library of colors create?

In the case of mother and daughter, Jo Lee and Jazmine Jacobsen, it spawned a shared love of art. Jasmine’s story came to our attention via one of her posts on Instagram. She had taken a snapshot of a Pantone Color Formula Guide from 1991 and remarked that she and the guide were the same age. Furthermore, the guide belonged to her mother, a retired graphic designer. Jazmine, a cosmetologist, thought it was the “coolest find of 2014".

This piqued our interest so we reached out to Jazmine to find out the full story behind this ‘vintage’ Pantone guide. The result is a heartwarming Mother’s Day tribute.

Pantone: What type of work did your mother do as a graphic designer?

Jazmine Jacobsen: My mom did various types of graphic design work. She started at a printing company in a small town in our home state of Iowa. When I reminisce, I can still smell the ink from the printing room. That position led her to the company a larger print shop in Cleveland, Ohio, where her clients included larger, well-known brands. After that, she worked in a design department for Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX but then left to join the airline industry here in Phoenix. Her career has been a long and winding road but unique nonetheless. Her career path has shaped me as a person... allowing me to travel and have experiences most people my age have not.

Pantone: Were color and design always a part of your life growing up?

JJ: Color, art, and design have always served as inspiration for me. An early memory for me was discovering the impact color can have on the face through the power of cosmetics. As a very young girl, I would say 3 or 4, I can vividly remember watching my nanny apply her Avon products early each morning when I would arrive at her house. I remember being in awe of the transformation a little color could bring to the face. I also remember my great aunt's bright fuchsia wet ‘n wild lipstick she would always swipe on and how it stood out against her bright white dentures. Another pivotal moment in my discovery of color involves one of my favorite relatives, "aunt" Vivian, allowing me to wear her fancy Lancôme blush and lipstick at 4 or 5 years old. I remember being so excited about the packaging but even more amazed at how pretty the colors looked inside the packages. During this time I was also beginning my journey into the art world. Since kindergarten I'd always looked forward to art class the most, as we had the chance to play and experiment with color and different mediums. Paint, chalk, crayons, clay... I couldn't get enough! As I moved through school, I discovered art and creativity were my strengths and during my last 3 years of high school I got more serious about pursuing a career in fine art or fashion design.

Pantone: What type of art did you study at Parsons?

JJ: My high school art teacher Kathy Wallander noticed my photographic talent and urged me to pursue photographic arts. I found a knack for photography when I discovered I could merge many of my passions into one image. At Parsons I studied Photography and fine art under Amy Stein, Colin McClain, Brian Lav, and many other fantastic artists and professors, for one year. I was in total awe of their techniques and knowledge. I loved the way they exposed me to museums, galleries, the intricacies of the art world and other artist’s work. Being at Parsons opened my eyes to life and the world. I will never forget the people I met and experiences I had.

Pantone: How did you transition from art school to being a cosmetologist at Sephora?

JJ: When I left New York I moved here to Arizona for 6 months, which was a very trying time in my life. I became pregnant with my beautiful daughter and moved home to Iowa with her father to find work and calm our life down. Upon becoming a stay-at-home mother and setting my passions and interests on the back burner, I felt empty and without purpose. At home, in middle of nowhere Iowa with hours on my hands, I really dove back into my passion for beauty and skincare. As my own complexion was a disaster post-partum, I took it upon myself to learn EVERYTHING about prestige beauty products and brands. I longed for information on how ingredients and formulas work as the building blocks of a product. Needless to say my beauty obsession was back with a vengeance and I set my sights on moving back to Arizona. I wanted to find a career that would not only allow me a flexible mommy schedule but allow me to connect with people through beauty products. Enter Sephora.

Upon moving back to Arizona in the fall of 2012, I found that my local Sephora inside JCPenney was hiring and jumped at the opportunity to be hired as a seasonal product consultant. That seasonal position turned into a permanent position in March of last year when I joined a new team in a brand new Sephora inside JCPenney here in Mesa, AZ. It's been a whirlwind year as I have cultivated myself into a top consultant at my store; I wouldn't trade my experiences with Sephora for anything. I love being able to use my people skills, product knowledge, and artistry simultaneously to make a great connection with my clients.

Get the look: Radiant Orchid SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE
Get the look: Radiant Orchid SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE
Pantone: How do you use Pantone’s Radiant Orchid beauty line at Sephora?

JJ: One of the ways I connect and inspire my clients is through the annual Pantone Color of the Year products. These products allow me to demonstrate creativity to my clients that might be in a color rut. Not to mention the quality of product is fantastic! I love showing them ways to add a dash of color to any makeup look. Another favorite of mine inside Sephora has to be the Pantone color IQ system. Wow! Mind totally blown. This tool has not only made my life as a consultant easier and more engaging but my clients really love the personalized consultation they receive with the Color IQ service. Thank you for choosing Sephora as a home for Pantone products and services. I truly feel proud when I tell my clients they will only find Pantone in Sephora.

Pantone: What does the future hold for you?

JJ: Today, I have my own little girl intently watching me apply my makeup every morning. I can tell she has the creative bug and want to nurture that as she grows. I am a single mom and in my second year at Sephora and still being cultivated into the best consultant I can be. In the next year I look forward to earning more Sephora certifications, and I also am planning on going back to school this fall to pursue an esthetics license and make-up artistry certifications. I hope to capitalize on my talent in the beauty industry as much as possible by becoming a paramedical esthetician and freelance makeup artist while still staying connected to Sephora.


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