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Jozsef Baksay
Sep 03, 2014

In the last month my Huey Pro gives a green cast after calibrating for me too (known issue for many users). This is a second item, the first Huey Pro replaced after some months. I do not know whether to take the third ...

Marc Lezwyn
Aug 12, 2013

After some years my Huey Pro gives a green cast after calibrating, a known issue for many users, but not to me until now that is. I was about a year to late to get a replacement option. So my Huey worked a little "too good". Now I have to buy a new one. :(

Richard Strauss
Aug 08, 2013

Why would anyone doing serious production even use a mac? Get over your 'it's a cool looking machine' fantasy and use a real computer. Also use a decent display like NEC and stop complaining when your Acer toy monitor gives you trouble.

Gil Knutson
Dec 03, 2012

I have mixed feelings about this. When I had a single monitor, the program seemed to be great. However, now having two, relatively new, flat screen monitors... one an Acer and the other LG... I find I cannot get them both the same... when one is great, the other is most certainly not... usually too dark, even with adjusting the contrast/brightness settings. I can always make one look pretty good, but the other... forget it! Is this a common problem? Beats me!!

Martin Ottosson
Sep 25, 2012

Chris Evans, seriously? Mac OS, 6-8% of the global computer base as an argument? Sure, I bet that internet cafés, gamers, excel pushers and bloggers die to have their monitors calibrated. The fact that I bought my hueyPRO less than a year ago and that it doesn't work on Mountain Lion is a complete disaster by Pantone. It never worked properly under Lion either and probably still doesn't. And Pantone, your website suck as well...

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