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2006 press releases

PANTONE stirs up the paint world with PANTONE® Paints

Partnership with Fine Paints of Europe empowers designers to confidently specify and match PANTONE Colors in premium-quality paint

CARLSTADT, N.J., Sept. 7, 2006 - Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, is changing the way architects, interior designers and homeowners select paint color schemes for their homes and design projects. Pantone today announces a partnership with Fine Paints of Europe, creating the ability to match PANTONE Colors in paint.

PANTONE PAINTS combine the accuracy of PANTONE Colors with the beauty and quality of high-performance Dutch paints. Fine Paints of Europe is the only paint company whose paint system provides a perfect match for the more than 3,000 colors in the PANTONE PAINTS + INTERIORS and PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® Color palettes.

For half a century, professionals have relied on PANTONE Color Systems and forecasting tools for the selection, accurate specification and effective communication of color. Now, using proprietary color formulas developed especially for Pantone by Fine Paints of Europe, designers, architects and homeowners can confidently specify colors from both the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM and PANTONE PAINTS + INTERIORS Color palettes for use in their home and design projects. Incorporating brand identity standards into interiors and exteriors has never been easier.

“Customers always ask us to match PANTONE Colors with paint,“ said Walter Ricciardi, of Ricciardi Brothers, which has 11 locations in New Jersey. “Fine Paints of Europe is the only paint brand with the brightness and quality in their product to support the color variety offered in PANTONE Color Systems. PANTONE PAINTS + INTERIORS expose our consumers, professional customers and the entire paint industry to a new frontier in paint choices.“

PANTONE PAINTS are formulated using only the finest pigments, oils and resins, never resorting to inexpensive fillers. PANTONE PAINTS are tinted with a unique proprietary system employing two separate color wheels, one for waterborne paints and one for traditional, solvent-borne paints. By utilizing product-specific colorants and avoiding the use of the industry-standard, glycol-based “universal colorants,“ the Fine Paints of Europe Tinting System provides a level of accuracy, covering power and beauty unobtainable from any other source. The enamels yield 50 percent more coverage per ounce than any product produced in North America, and the wall paints can be scrubbed without color change or burnishing.

PANTONE PAINTS are real Dutch paints, manufactured by the largest family-owned paint manufacturer in the Netherlands. Since the time of Rembrandt, the Netherlands has led the world’s paint industry. On a per-capital basis, the Netherlands produces 20 times the volume of paint of any other nation.

“We’ve long been recognized as the language of color for the design industries and PANTONE PAINTS are a natural extension of our color expertise. Fine Paints of Europe shares our design and brand philosophy, as well as our focus on technical accuracy and quality control, to empower designers to confidently specify and accurately match their favorite PANTONE Colors in paint,“ said Lisa Herbert, executive vice president of Pantone, Inc. “Designers and consumers will now be able to draw on our forecasting and color selection tools across all phases of their design projects - from inspiration to application.“

“Partnering with Pantone is the culmination of my life’s work. The medium and the message have become one,“ said John Lahey, founder, owner and CEO of Fine Paints of Europe. “As the recognized quality leader in the North American paint industry, Fine Paints has always focused on the beauty of the paint itself - the depth of color, the touch, the durability. The PANTONE PAINT Program is a revolutionary event in the domestic paint industry and we are very gratified to be part of it.“

The PANTONE PAINTS + INTERIORS product line includes the PANTONE PAINTS + INTERIORS guide, a color-on-paper, paint-book-style fan deck, arranged by color family and designed for portable use. Each color is numerically referenced and has an inspirational color name. The guide is ideal for color selection, sample shopping, client or manufacturer meetings and on-site reviews. Additional information on other PANTONE PAINTS + INTERIORS color tools, FAQs on painting and color inspiration information can be found on

PANTONE PAINTS are available at, by calling (866) MY-COLOR, and at authorized PANTONE PAINT partners nationwide including Janovic, Ricciardi, Cox Paints and Creative Paint. Prices will vary by store. Paint pricing on Pantone’s Web site will range from $7.00 to $95.00. The PANTONE PAINTS + INTERIORS guide is available at, and authorized PANTONE PAINT Partners for $165.00.

About Pantone, Inc.
Pantone, Inc., developer of the globally accepted PANTONE Color Systems, is the leading source of traditional and electronic products for the selection and accurate communication of color. With over 40 years of experience, Pantone is recognized as the worldwide market leader in color communication and color technology for the graphic design, printing, publishing, fashion, home furnishings, interiors and industrial design industries. More information is available at

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