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average rating 4.07
Barbara Ferguson
Sep 23, 2014

Just got the app for android and it opened up once and will not open up again. Just keeps saying to try again later. Bummer.

Jan 15, 2014

how do search a color number?

Dec 01, 2013


Danielle Mowbray-Jones
Jun 04, 2013

I just bought the app. I think (as they already pointed out in the description) it's not for actual matching, it's a great inspiration tool to setup and save palette ideas. I don't have to deal with color-match-crazy clients so I think if you have to match and don't have chips to pull or want to be able to save your color ideas this is a great starting point. I would also say it's nice to see the various representation on the screen and--if you have your swatch book handy--in print.

Nov 16, 2012

I was ready to buy MyPantone until i found out it is not matching with my google nexus 7 that comes with Android 4.2 .. I am so disappointed !

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