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The Colour of Mother’s Day

An inviting floral pink whose kind-hearted nature suggests a loving touch.

Honoring the women whose unending love and devotion we cherish, City Centre shopping malls in the Middle East have collaborated with the Pantone Color Institute to introduce “The Colour of Mother’s Day”, an inviting floral pink shade that suggests a loving touch. Like color, there are many shades to motherhood, and capturing feelings of sweetness and tender affection, the Colour of Mother’s Day is infused with nurturing warmth and compassion.

Color is a powerful tool that can communicate feelings, moods and physiological reactions. Experts at the Pantone Color Institute defined the stories shared by City Centre customers into five colors spanning green, yellow, red, pink and blue color families. Green represents the protective nature of mothers, while yellow alludes to their optimistic outlook towards life and for their children. Pink captures their compassionate and nurturing side and red focuses on their passion and empowerment drive. At the same time, they are always calm and patient, which is represented by the color blue.

With the help of customers’ stories about their mothers and emotional cues, a public vote was cast amongst City Centre shoppers, and one color emerged as the one that strongly represents mothers, making it a signature hue that will instantly evoke all those feelings, and symbolize motherhood.

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