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The Creation of G7 Green

Creating a Color to Symbolize Cadillac G7 Environmental Protection Project in China

The G7 Environmental Protection Project began in 2018. Since the inception of the G7 Environmental Protection Project, Cadillac in China has planted 205,441 trees along the G7 highway in Inner Mongolia, using green power to protect the most magnificent highway in China.

The Pantone Color Institute worked with Cadillac to provide the color psychology associated with the green color of the populus bud of the G7 highway in support of the Cadillac G7 Environmental Protection Project. Selecting a single color to represent a social issue helps draw attention and creates a powerful association with that color, so much so, that the color tied together with the movement becomes symbolic of the special cause.

The human eye can see more greens in the world than any other color. What makes G7 Green distinctive is that this is the green we see in the populus tree alongside the G7 highway, a tree which has only 30 days in which to sprout. If this tree cannot sprout in that time it will be gone forever. It is a race against time. It is because of the desert conditions in which this populus tree alongside the G7 highway has been able to survive and thrive that G7 Green is associated with resilience, that we consider G7 Green to be bold and determined, a fertile green with an indomitable will. The special feature of G7 Green is not only the uniqueness of this color, but also the story of courage and transformative power behind this color.

As Cadillac says, “All Greatness Comes from Daring to Begin.” We believe that G7 Green is the great beginning of the road to charity, inspiring us to go forward in the journey of life, to break through ourselves and leave our own special marks. Like the indomitable populus tree on the G7, Cadillac as well as the Pantone Color Institute believes that the value of life is taking bold steps and breaking-through. The color meanings behind the G7 Green, the conviction of perseverance that it displays, pushes us to dare to break through the real barriers, step by step, and achieve our own dreams. We believe that with everyone coming together to support the environment, we can transform the deserted land next to the G7 highway into flourishing ground covered with G7 Green.

In honor of the G7 Environmental Protection Project Opening Ceremony has designed a new collection associated with the camouflage of the populus tree leaves. Each suit represents 1 sapling tree. For each item purchased monies will be donated to the G7 highway Giving Back Project.

We are hoping that G7 green can be used across all areas of design, becoming a symbolic color, not just for clothing, but also for everything else that is related to environmental protection and the G7 highway.


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