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Celebrating a Partnership with a Unique Spirits Brand

The Making of The Macallan Edition Purple

There are many parallels between color making and whisky making. Both are a craft blending artistry with technical skills. And each are much more complex than those not involved in the process would imagine.

The Macallan Edition is an annual limited-edition whisky series. Each year a unique selection of casks is handpicked to create a new Edition and is co-created with different partners. Pantone was honored to be selected as the partner for THE MACALLAN EDITION No.5. Pantone’s role was to select and develop a unique solid color for the Edition No.5 box inspired by The Macallan’s “Natural Color.”

Created to reveal the mastery behind the perfect cask selection that has inspired all Macallan single malt whiskies since 1824, THE MACALLAN EDITION No.5, tells the story of the brand promise and the distinctive pillar, Natural Color. THE MACALLAN EDITION No.5 is a very unique release for The Macallan, as the whisky is aged in all-American oak, which is non-traditional for the distillery.

The Pantone Color Institute worked with The Macallan team to identify the exact right color that would best symbolize THE MACALLAN EDITION No.5. As the rainbow’s most complex color, purple naturally felt like the ideal shade to highlight the equally complex process involved in The Macallan’s whisky making. A blend of blue and red, this new vibrant purple, developed especially for Edition No.5, brings to life the exquisite blending of distinctive natural colors this whisky acquires from the all-American oak casks in which it matures.

The message and meaning behind the Edition No. 5 color, a purple shade with a slight red undertone, is one of creativity, non-conformity and complexity. We felt this color was a more unusual, unexpected and intriguing choice due to the uniqueness inherent in this extraordinary hue, however, while it is most definitely unique, at the same time because it is a purple shade, it is also suggestive of luxury, prestige, heritage and a regal background, qualities and characteristics associated with the unrivaled commitment to whisky making this highly revered brand is known for.

All color in The Macallan whiskies bottled by the distillery is natural. After The Macallan Edition Purple was created and standardized, the Pantone Color Institute selected 5 PANTONE Colors to symbolize the richness and diversity of the range of natural colors in THE MACALLAN EDITION No.5. Each one of these hues are highlighted on the drawing of the oak cask acting as support to the The Macallan Edition Purple main label.

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