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A Love Affair With Color


Pantone Color Institute
December 22, 2015

As I travel the world, I continue to be inspired by the bold and daring use of color I see happening. No longer are consumer’s color choices being dictated by or restricted to a particular season, product line, gender, region or age range, instead I happily see consumers having a love affair with color. They are using color to express themselves, confidently experimenting with all different colors and color combinations, and in so doing completely turning more traditional approaches to color usage on its head.

Yet while color has become more important, that doesn’t mean everything has to be bold to make a statement. Classic and more natural tones as well as softer shades that speak to our desire for calm and relaxation in our uncertain global culture still clearly have a place and can be equally impactful. As we highlighted in our NY Fashion Week Report for spring 2016, most interesting to see were the combinations of the two as designers played with courageous color stories that contrasted these gregarious and fun loving Brights with shades that were more soothing.

As we highlight in Reveal, our PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner A/W 16/17 color trend forecast, this approach to color reflects current directions in lifestyle fashion, where a genuine polarization is occurring. On the one hand, there is a wish to return to the simple, honest and unassuming, yet at the same time, there is a continuing presence of maximilism and a desire to stand out and be seen. But does it have to be a straight choice between falling into anonymity and crying out for applause? I think not. When it comes to color, it is the mixing of the 2 that is often the most interesting and psychologically provides the most balance.

The commonality in all of this of course is the consumer’s desire to try something different. Today’s consumers want to be unique and are using color to convey their individuality. So whether looking to artfully stand out or trying to remain a bit more inconspicuous, when it comes to color today’s consumers are continually on the hunt for something new. New doesn’t have to be extreme, it just has to have that slight bit of difference that sets it apart. And what does that mean to those in design or those working in color? Well – here too, it is about something new.

This is why we recently added 210 new colors to our PANTONE Fashion, Home + Interiors palette. With outlooks shifting & attitudes, transforming, color is increasingly important and ever more critical to product sales. Illustrating the future, the additions we made focused on areas of significant market importance with all color families expanded from the oranges, yellows, reds and pinks to the blues, purples, greens, whites and blacks.

Pantone introduces 210 new shades to keep you ahead of the curve. Pantone introduces 210 new shades to keep you ahead of the curve.

Remember, color is what will engage the eye first and the easiest way to inject some newness. with consumers so much more educated when it comes to color and trend, you need to ensure that your color palettes are fresh, modern and relevant and of course, in keeping with the feeling of the times, we encourage our clients to use color in a way that is unique, courageous and above all, colorful!

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