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Behind the Colors

Relevant Trend Palettes for Graphic and Packaging Design

“It’s pretty hard to catch someone’s eye on a shelf in a retail environment without having something out there that shimmers, pops - really just draws them in. That's why we would recommend using a metallic to provide that extra oomph from a visual perspective on-shelf.”
- Ron Farnum, Damen Jackson Design Agency Founder/Owner

“In our visual society, where we are option saturated, attention-scarce and design-obsessed understanding how to leverage the power of color to tell your story will help you better engage and create strong emotional connections with your target audience, and build greater brand equity in a marketplace where competition for share of mind, heart, and pocketbook is fierce.”
– Laurie Pressman, VP, Pantone Color Institute

Color is a pivotal element of the design process and should be considered at the early stages of a project. Your palette should speak to the message you intend because those first, and maybe the ONLY, seconds of impression in which your product speaks to customers on shelf are crucially valuable.

Presenting a four-part installation of trend-driven color palettes for graphic and packaging design infusing strong core colors with accents of dynamic and engaging metallics. Download and save these colors palettes to consider when creating you next impactful and thoughtful design projects.


Trend Palettes - Artful Simplicity

Artful Simplicity

Artful Simplicity is an understated and upscale color range that never goes out of style. Composed and cool, tasteful teal exudes confidence while a timeless mid-tone gray adds an element of chic. Introducing a rich coppery gold to this enduring pair, brings warmth and opulence.

Trend Palettes - Artful Simplicity

Download a printable PDF and ASE file of this color palette:

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Pantone Metallics is a full range of metallic colors for packaging and commercial print that pairs strong base color diversity with commanding, vibrant accents essential for drawing attention on-shelf, while exuding elevated, elegance for packaging, stationery, brochures, signage, marketing collateral and more.


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