New Frontiers
PANTONE Color Institute

New Frontiers


Pantone Color Institute
April 23, 2018

We have always had a fascination with the unknown, the afterlife, outer space and the other worlds of parallel universes, the future and the extra-terrestrial. Speculations about what is unknown, and future possibilities provide respite from the far-too-real present and past. As technology advances, the concept of access to another planet appears increasingly viable and designers are beginning to speculate on what a future on another planet might mean.

image-New Frontiers

Finding solace in the potential of the unknown, designers are experimenting with color, materials and form. Inspired by science fiction, they are creating products, spaces and materials that appear to push the boundaries of physics. Shaped by unfamiliar forces, alien forms and surfaces appear in a palette of curious mineral shades. The result are blacker blacks, oil-slick purples and infinitely deep indigos, all suggesting this unnatural, otherworldly provenance.

image-New Frontiers

Excerpted with permission from VIEWPOINT COLOUR Issue 02 - Sanctuary.

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