Trend Forecasting - Pantone x Zara: The Custom Color Collection by Zara

Pantone x Zara

The Custom Color Collection by Zara

Pantone Color Institute

April 20, 2020

With a focus on sustainability and customization, the Pantone Color Institute teamed up with Zara to create a unique palette of natural hues for Zara’s newest collection for Spring 2020. Featuring seven items of clothing including tank tops, sweatshirts and dresses, each of the pieces in the Pantone x Zara Collection were created using ecologically grown cotton that was farmed with natural fertilizers and pesticides and certified by the Organic Content Standard (OCS).

Pantone x Zara: The Custom Color Collection by Zara Pantone x Zara: The Custom Color Collection by Zara

Images provided courtesy of Zara

A color story light in feeling and minimalist in attitude highlights shades with names like Blue Utopia, Dreamland and Fossil. Each style in the Pantone X Zara Collection can be ordered in your favorite color and exclusively dyed for you. The Pantone X Zara Collection is currently available in limited countries within Europe.

The Custom Color Collection Color Palette

Sassy Pink

Blue Utopia




Pacific Khaki

Lime Fizz

Sassy PinkThe rose is heated with sun rays; a fruity and fleshy tone that connects us with a sensual abundance that enriches the surfaces. We leave the sugary roses behind and welcome some lights closer to the Earth.

Pacific KhakiPacific Khaki evolves towards a more pacifist, vegetable and botanical natural green. A healthier, appeased, neutralized, calm and oxygenated shade.

Blue UtopiaA blue halfway between a dye Indigo Bleach and a Utopian Blue Sky that displays a soothing touch of irreproachable simplicity and lightness. A faint and shy but liberating tone that is a symbol of transparency and lightness.

DreamlandLilac inspired by smoked quartz propriates mysticism. A crystalline meditative tone of purifying lightness and quiet. Color that talks about an optimistic futurism, elevation and modernity. Lying between pink and blue, Dreamland is mediating and empathetic.

FossilBeige tone that connects with a past of stones and minerals as a matter that becomes a testimony to quiet feats and expressive fossils, but which also projects us towards a serene future.

MarigoldDress to get attention. Sophisticated plumages, paradisiacal flowers that conquer the eye. Clearly energetic and positive, but softened by wear of light. A blunt orange of fair tonality, which is expressed with a bold and at the same time cultured freshness.

Lime FizzYellow advances calmly with little hurry up the color ranking to stand out. Overcoming the solar and vital tones, this season’s yellows show their more diluted, healthy and fruity side, like pear pulp or chamomile infusion.

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