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Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director

Pantone Color Institute
October 19, 2018
The Piquant tastes and colors of spices.

Reaching beyond what is generally referred to as “spicy,” the Piquant palette is an intriguing potpourri of tastes and colors that reflect current day trends to more adventurous selections of foods, seasonings, and condiments. These are the hotter colors of chili-pepper red, blood orange, saffron, cayenne, persimmon, and Tandoori spice, harmoniously mixed with turmeric, cumin, and Dijon mustard. For added impact and flavor, there is purple tinged basil and sage as well as unique new purple veggies and drinks. As a final touch, there is an ample splash of lemon and lime.

For more successful color combinations, see "The Complete Color Harmony: Pantone Edition."

Excepted from The Complete Color Harmony: Pantone Edition.

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