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Playful Release


Pantone Color Institute
August 8, 2017

In this age of uncertainty, where we see political instability, environmental concerns, increased urbanization and a distrust of the establishment coming forward, many are looking for ways to add meaning to their lives within their everyday actions. Taking responsibility for their impact on the world by leading meaningful, considered lifestyles built on positive connections, we are seeing a new spiritualty emerging focused on an individual understanding of self and a deep-seated respect for materiality and the world around us. In this quest for deeper connection, people are finding respite in play, reaching out for uninhibited tactile interaction and reverting to childlike exploration and experimentation.

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Acting as an antidote to everyday mundane stresses and pressures, honest and innocent play allows us to express our true selves. Bold and defiant designs of product, space and fashion are injected with a sense of humor, highly saturated color palettes edge towards surrealism and art for art’s sake experiences a renewed appreciation. These new unpretentious designs avoid any sense of posturing instead displaying unapologetic aesthetics whose sole purpose is to please, amuse and delight.

image-Playful Release

Excerpted with permission from VIEWPOINT COLOUR - Issue 02 – Sanctuary

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