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March 16, 2015
PANTONE Artist Interview - Alice Marakova

Saint Petersburg, Russia-based artist Alice Macarova discusses the process that went into creating her abstract designs featured on the new PANTONE Formula Guide covers.

Your work is abstract and painterly. What led you to this style?

I try to work in different styles. When I worked on ‘Flowers’, I wanted to concentrate on color combinations, not on forms. That’s why it looks abstract. The main thing that I wanted to accomplish was to convey the emotions those colors bring to the viewer.

You mentioned that colors can evoke feelings. What role do emotions play in your work?

I do think that emotions play a significant role in my work.
I feel great pleasure when I’m working on a piece, and I strive to have people feel positive emotions when they look at my illustrations. My work should bring joy to viewers, delivering them pleasure from watching.

How do you select the colors that go into each piece?

I rely on my own senses and feelings. I select them very carefully; it’s a slow process. I always use PANTONE Color Guides for inspiration, to choose colors that will work better together and enhance
each other.

Pantone Artist Interview - Alice Marakova - Irises Flowers; part of a decorative tryptich, simple abstract work, paper, gouache paper, gouache.

What was your reaction when you found out that your work was chosen for the new PANTONE Formula Guide covers?

I was shocked (in positive way, of course). I’m a big fan of PANTONE Products and still can’t believe that such a famous company chose my work. Each day when I look at my ICE Watch by Pantone, I say to myself “Oh my God! I worked with Pantone.” People all over the world will use Formula Guides with my designs on them, and that brings me happiness. It inspires me to work harder. Thank you for such a great opportunity!

Do you use PANTONE Color Products in your daily design work?

Sure, especially on my work with InDesign studio, when working on package design. To be honest, I don’t know any designers that work without PANTONE Color Products.

Pantone Artist Interview - Alice Marakova - Irises Flowers; part of a decorative tryptich, simple abstract work, paper, gouache paper, gouache.

Who are some of the artists that you’ve come to admire?

A lot of talented artists inspire me; it’s really hard to name just a few. Let me mention two modern artists. I find very impressive the work of Peter Tarka. His way of composing shapes and colors is really amazing. On the other hand, I also like detailed illustrations. I admire the work of Richey Beckett. He has a spotless graphic style.

What’s the next step in your artistic journey?

My next step is developing of my own graphic design studio, MATE. Last year I graduated university and founded MATE studio with my close friend. Now there are only two people, but we believe if we work hard, our business will grow.

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