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Your Pantone Colors Everywhere.

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Introducing Pantone Connect Introducing Pantone Connect

A designer’s platform of Pantone Color Libraries, color values, and a powerful navigation feature set, available where you work with color.

Pantone Connect on iPhone
Pantone Connect for Android
Pantone Connect from Adobe Exchange
Pantone Connect on iPhone

Pantone Color Match Card

Matching to Pantone Colors has never been easier

Use with the Pantone Connect mobile app to measure and match colored surfaces, materials, and objects to Pantone Color. It’s simple, portable, and more accurate than extracting color from a photo.

Pantone Color Match Card

Use Pantone Connect to your advantage with these helpful features

Pantone Connect in Adobe Creative Suite

Work within Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and InDesign®

Pantone Connect in Adobe Creative Suite

Share your colors and palettes directly with your team

Pantone Connect in Adobe Creative Suite

Convert to Pantone colors, nuance color, and cross-reference Pantone color systems

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Register a new Pantone Guide for 6-Months of free, full access to Pantone Connect.

Pantone Connect Icon Free while we develop the Connect platform

Pantone ColorsPantone Plan IconAll Pantone Color SystemsPantone Plan IconAll Pantone Color Systems
Pantone X-RefPantone Plan IconCross Reference between all systemsPantone Plan IconCross Reference between all systems
MeasurementsPantone Plan IconAccepted from all connected devicesPantone Plan IconAccepted from all connected devices
Connected PlatformsPantone Plan IconMobile (iOS/Android), Web, Adobe® Creative Cloud® (Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Indesign®)Pantone Plan IconMobile (iOS/Android) + Web
Color ValuesPantone Plan IconsRGB, Hex, CMYK + L*a*b*Pantone Plan IconsRGB + Hex
Convert to PantonePantone Plan IconConvert from all values to nearest Pantone ColorPantone Plan IconUnavailable
Palette SavingPantone Plan IconUnlimitedPantone Plan IconOne Palette (6 colors)
Time-Saving Color FeaturesPantone Plan Icon
  • Image Color Extraction
  • Color Harmonies
  • Nuance Color (LCH)
Pantone Plan IconImage Color Extraction

  • All features in the Pantone Connect platform are free while we work through bugs, fixes and improvements.
  • Use of the platform requires a user to sign up for an account
  • Some features will be included in Pantone Connect Premium subscription, which will be introduced on a future date with enhanced functionality, user experience and value. At that point in time, all account holders will have the option to continue using basic features free of charge, including access to all Pantone colors and the Measure feature
  • The Color Match Card is available for purchase. It works in conjunction with the free-of-charge Measure feature of the Pantone Connect Mobile App and a mobile device in this list. We will continue to expand the list of Card-compatible mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pantone Connect?

Pantone Connect is a platform that provides designers with access to digital Pantone Colors and helpful color features across mobile, web, and design applications in Adobe® Creative Cloud®.

Pantone Connect helps designers to streamline their color selection, color communication, and design process to improve accuracy and reduce time time/rework. This includes matching physical color samples to Pantone Colors, creating and arranging palettes for design projects, and applying Pantone colors to design files.

How Can I Access Pantone Connect?

You can access your Pantone Connect account from the Pantone Color Finder website, by downloading one of the Pantone Connect mobile apps from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, or by downloading the Pantone Connect Extension for Adobe® Creative Cloud®.

Each Pantone Connect application allows you to create a personal account for free, and payments are accepted for Premium Access within the web and Adobe Extension applications.

I Recently Bought a Pantone Book/Guide. Do I Get Free Access?

Every recent Pantone physical book or guide includes a registration code that can be redeemed for 6-months free of Pantone Connect. The Monthly Account option must be selected to take advantage of this offer. All Graphics guides that include the 294 new colors, released in 2019, as well as all FHI guides with the 315 new colors, released in 2020, have valid registration codes for Pantone Connect. Use your registration code during account creation (the coupon field) to redeem your free offer.

If you bought a bundled set of guides, such as the Formula Guide Coated and Uncoated set (GP1601A), each guide is valid for 6-months free, so you’ve effectively received a year of free access.

How Do I Cancel?

You can cancel a subscription and delete your account whenever you need to. Account management is available in each of the Pantone Connect applications.

Which Colors Are Included?

All Pantone Colors and Pantone Libraries are included in Pantone Connect. Both free and paid accounts provide full access. Limitations on which color data can be accessed are applied to the colors for free accounts.

Is Pantone Connect the Same as the Pantone Color Finder?

Yes, the Pantone Color Finder web application now has a login for Pantone Connect accounts. This lets you access an expanded set of features depending on your level of account (free or premium) and lets you save palettes for use in other parts of the platform.

Is the Color Match Card a Part of Pantone Connect? How do I get one?

The Color Match Card only works with the Pantone Connect mobile apps. You can purchase a Color Match Card from and from your regional Pantone sales rep or dealer.

How is Pantone Connect Different from Pantone Color Manager (PCM)?

Pantone Connect, through a single user account, enables color to be used and shared seamlessly from mobile device to web and Adobe® Creative Cloud® extension. There are many color navigation and color inspiration features in Pantone Connect that PCM doesn’t have.

PCM is a standalone desktop app that exports color into design programs. PCM is recommended only for users who work with old version of Adobe software (pre-2019), as well as Quark Xpress and Corel Draw. PCM is not a part of Pantone Connect.

Is Pantone Studio for iOS Integrated with Pantone Connect?

No, Pantone Studio is a separate app only for iOS. It does not integrate with Pantone Connect accounts, and does not work with the Color Match Card.

Who Do I Contact For Technical Support?

Reach us at if you have a question and need additional support.

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