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5 Things to Know about Pantone Swatch Cards

As fashion, accessories, and home designers, you know each Pantone Swatch Card gives you 16 square inches of pure color—and confidence. You trust our swatch cards as the definitive global benchmark for color, whether you are working in cotton, polyester, nylon, or all three. Here are just a few more ways Pantone Swatch Cards can help you work more efficiently, accurately, and creatively across the globe or across different materials.

Pantone Swatch Cards Are Held to a Higher Standard

If you think your commute to the office is complex, Pantone’s Swatch Cards go through a rigorous nine-step manufacturing and quality validation process before they’re ready to be put to work for you. Each individual swatch card is validated visually and digitally to its corresponding spectral data. This means you can be confident that the swatches you attach to your pitch sheets this season will be accurately achieved in production.

The World’s Color Standard, Now Available Globally

In the rapid-paced world of fashion, being first on the rack can mean the difference between being a trendsetter and a trend follower. That is why Pantone Swatch Cards are available with 98% off-the-shelf, 24-hour, global availability and can be delivered the next business day in many locations, allowing you to communicate color quickly across your supply chain and turbocharge your speed to market.

Download Digital Spectral Data for Each Color

So, you fell in love with a gorgeous wool suiting fabric you saw at a mill in Milan, and now the matching polyester lining is going to be produced in China. The spectral data associated with each Pantone Swatch Card can make this communication step a breeze. Make sure all your international production partners are on the same page with Pantone’s Spectral Data—it’s the digital standard for our colors, and the DNA behind each swatch card. Just enter the card’s UPC on, check out, and check your email for the data file.

Mix Pantone Swatch Cards in Different Materials for Complementary Color Stories

The 80s are back…and they brought ALL the neons with them. You can build palettes that pop with Pantone Swatch Cards in all of our Nylon Brights, plus add swatch cards in our classic Cotton and the richly toned Polyester too, for colorways that span saturations and substrates.

Pantone Swatch Cards Come With A Protective Pouch

Spoiler Alert: Letting your Pantone Smart Swatch Card get exposed to too much direct light and extreme temperatures can compromise its color integrity. That is why we package and ship every swatch card in a protective pouch.


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