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Best of Both Worlds

Designing with Pantone Polyester and Cotton Systems

November 11, 2019

Pantone’s Polyester and Cotton Systems are ideal resources for visualizing how colors can appear on different textile substrates. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used together. Designers have to know and understand the achievability of color for each material in order to visualize how the resulting end garment will look on the rack. Using the wrong material in the design development phase can cost you time and money!

Creating a synthetic or multi-material garment? You can explore a world of over 2,500 vibrant and versatile colors when you combine both synthetic and organic swatches in your next product design palette.

Embracing the Bright Side

It’s easy to see that bright colors are on trend in fashion. As consumers gravitate toward the expressivity and fun of flashy hues, designers are turning to synthetic materials to get those intense shades just not possible with cotton. While Polyester and Cotton are great complements, the two materials have different dye achievability.

Our polyester system was developed with unique dyes specifically for polyester displaying a color depth best achieved on the non-cotton based textile dyed system. These colors are more saturated than those possible with natural fibers like cotton.

By pairing Pantone’s cotton and polyester tools throughout your workflow, your next athletic or swimwear collection can embrace a spectrum of colors, from the eye-popping to the pastel.

Mix and Match Materials for Color Impact

Our Polyester Swatch Book features 203 super-saturated colors in a removable swatch format, ideal for comparing and sharing color, and for building palettes and mood boards. Tell a more nuanced color story with a palette featuring richly colored polyester swatches alongside more subtle selections from our Cotton Swatch Library or Cotton Chip Set featuring our 2,310 Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors colors achieved on cotton but reproducible in many other materials.

Your next multi-material design can now have tonal ensembles that pair a boldly colored synthetic swimsuit or leggings with a cotton t-shirt or beach towel in a more muted, complementary hue.

Learn more about the Pantone Polyester Color System here.

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