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Color Identification and Control

June 14, 2018

As the go-to partner for color in design, Pantone helps make color-critical decisions and communication easier at every stage of the workflow.

Maintain Consistent Color with Pantone

Chances are, almost every color-dependent industry (from product design, graphic design, fashion, to software development) encounters Pantone color product development specifications. Pantone’s unique ability to predict and lead with trends and technology has made us the perfect partner for your color management needs.

It’s all about control. Maintaining control over color has been, and continues to be, a primary concern of design and design-related professionals throughout the world. Fortunately, the growing family of Pantone Color Tools offers reliable methods for achieving consistent color from concept to reproduction.

With over 55 years experience in the development of color languages, Pantone has become the world leader in electronic color technology, traditional graphics color systems, and media-specific systems for textiles, coatings, and plastics. Thousands of products licensed by Pantone are sold each year in over 65 countries – from paper, ink, textiles, etc., to computer hardware and software.

Get the right color, and get the color right without compromise. The confidence you have in Pantone would be impossible to uphold without safeguards. There has to be someone you can rely on to maintain the integrity of your color, acting as the final authority and setting standards to prevent deviations from any Pantone-Identified Color. That someone can only be Pantone.

Before we put a Pantone Identification on any color, Pantone Color Specialists verify and re-verify it to make sure it meets a rigid set of requirements. It is the only way we can be certain of protecting the unequalled color fidelity of Pantone Color System technology. That is why we cannot allow any unauthorized or unchecked reproduction and distribution of Pantone-Identified Colors. This is done for your protection.

How we work. Pantone offers and maintains an extensive licensing program enabling manufacturers to produce their products in Pantone Colors and to identify the colors by its respective Pantone-approved color identification. Whether you are preparing a corporate identity manual and packaging or setting manufacturers’ specifications for colored products (e.g., ceramic tiles, threads, vinyl, and printing inks), the use of Pantone Colors with Pantone Identifications in any manner, e.g., print, on product, digital displays, requires that specific rules, regulations, and procedures be followed. We require that you contact Pantone for these rules, regulations, and procedures.

A process made simple. Pantone Color Languages allow people to speak more clearly in a variety of industries. From product manufacturing and corporate identity, to visual merchandising and advertising/editorial development, the process involved in using the Pantone Color Systems is simple.

The first step is to decide what your needs are, and how you would like to use Pantone Colors. Next, a company representative should contact our Licensing & Trademark Department via phone, fax, or E-mail to obtain information regarding the identification and reproduction of Pantone-Identified Colors.

Should a licensing arrangement be beneficial to both parties, we will work with you to best determine the most appropriate licensing program for your needs. Once your project is underway, the licensing and trademark team can review materials, as needed, to help make sure everything meets established reproduction and usage requirements.

Before proceeding with your project, please call or write:

  • Pantone LLC
  • Licensing & Trademark Department
  • 590 Commerce Boulevard
  • Carlstadt, NJ 07072-3098 U.S.A.
  • Telephone: 201-935-5500
  • Fax: 201-896-0242
  • E-mail:

Trademark Notice Pantone, Pantone Matching System, Pantone Textile Color System, Pantone Plastics Color System, PMS, the Pantone Chip Logo, the Pantone Fan Chip Logo and the Pantone Window Logo are Pantone LLC’s check-standard trademarks for color standards, color data, color reproduction, and color reproduction materials, and other color-related products and services, meeting Pantone’s specifications, control, and quality requirements. Written permission from Pantone’s Licensing and Trademark Department is required prior to reproduction or digital display of a Pantone Color with trademark and/or copyright identification or use of Pantone’s trademarks for any color-related products or services. X-Rite, Munsell, and ColorChecker are trademarks or registered trademarks of X-Rite, Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

Copyright Notice Published materials of Pantone LLC are protected by copyrights and include, for example, graphic presentations, color references, Pantone Colors, Pantone Names, numbers, formulas, and software, and the foregoing should not be copied or published without the written permission of Pantone LLC. An unauthorized claim by third parties that any referenced color or color system is the same as, or equivalent to, a color standard or color system of Pantone LLC, may be a violation of Pantone LLC’s proprietary rights and as such, is strictly prohibited. Similarly, any cross-referencing, in whole or in part, to any Pantone Color System including, but not limited to, the Pantone Numbers and Pantone Colors, by third parties, may be a violation of Pantone LLC’s proprietary rights and, as such, is strictly prohibited.

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