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Commitment to Color

From inspiration to product realization, Pantone is the foremost color authority, leading the way in trends and technologies. From reporting on the latest color forecasting directions through our Pantone Color Institute to developing innovative tools for digital design and color management, Pantone’s multi-faceted experience and expertise helps you prepare for what’s next. As Pantone’s number-based system is used across industries worldwide, and globally available in over 75 countries, everyone can be fluent in color no matter the language they speak.

Commitment to Color Commitment to Color

This unparalleled commitment to color has made the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Color System the most recognized tool worldwide for color standardization. Our range of material formats provides the most comprehensive range of industry-relevant colors ever, for the ultimate in color coordination. Through our iconic systems, Pantone provides the accepted color language for all types of design conscious industries, allowing for easy cross-material coordination of collections, from textile and plastic to paint and print.

Our digital solutions enable seamless integration between digital and physical workflows, streamlining your color development process and ensuring color accuracy through quality control. Each of the colors in our Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors library is supported by spectral data in both QTX and CXF format, further accelerating product speed to market and providing quick access to other color values including RGB and L*a*b*.

Where Art Meets Science

To achieve consistency and accuracy, we consider many aesthetic and technical factors. Our state of the art production process and rigorous standards guarantee that you can select or match the perfect color today and tomorrow.

Consistent Light Source

To reduce metamerism, all colors in the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Color System have been optimized for color evaluation under D65 (Daylight 6500°K) lighting with CWF (fluorescent) used as a secondary light source. Evaluating colors in both light sources provides the best color consistency from viewing to viewing, location to location.

Rigorous Quality Control

A detailed history of all colors in our Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors system is maintained in our modern quality control facility. Every dye lot undergoes visual and instrument evaluation to ensure color consistency.

Partnerships with Dyestuff Suppliers

To remain current as dye chemistry advances, we have aligned with the most respected dye manufacturers, and use only dyes that are available globally and meet compliance standards. Using only high quality commercially available dyestuffs ensures we achieve the level of consistency expected in Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Color System Products and our colors are achievable, reproducible and measurable in the real-world environment.

The dyes we use are reactive dyes, a class of colored synthetic organic chemicals that attach to textile fibers via a chemical reaction that forms a covalent bond. Reactive dyes are the most permanent of all dye types and are the most common type of dye used on cotton and other cellulose fibers.

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