Once you spend the time and effort to identify the colors that are destined for your product, that speak to the message you want to convey, that evoke the emotion that will separate you from the competitors and draw consumers to your design – you want to be sure that the colors that ends up on shelf retain those ideals and are true to your intent.

Maintaining precise colors is a statement of quality and reconfirmation of identity. When the colors don’t reproduce the same, they can present a negative connotation of inferiority and perhaps imitation. Think about this in terms of food product – what does a faded-looking branded product look like in the grocery store? Possibly that it could be old, stale, expired, inferior or not trusted.

This is why we find so many brands are adamant that their vendors and licensees accurately produce to their logo and style guide color standards. A digital visualization solution can help you identify problems before they happen by allowing you to preview how color can change when applied to various packaging materials.

Even more, by designing your artwork with the intended packaging material in mind, you can better manage color expectations, minimize the compromises you need to make, and reduce rework with your suppliers.

Our goal at Pantone is to give designers the tools they need to predict, design around, achieve the best possible results, and then manage the expectations of everyone in the supply chain. Fortunately, we now have two digital and physical products specifically for packaging that can help do the trick.

PantoneLIVE Design and Pantone Simulator Prints allow you to see how Pantone spot colors will change on 28 of the most common packaging materials across the three most important printing processes: flexo, offset, and gravure. Used together, they enable you to manage color in an integrated, comprehensive visual and digital toolset.

Here’s how it works:

PantoneLIVE Design gives you access to all Pantone Colors in Adobe Illustrator and allows you to preview color as it would actually appear on your packaging materials.


  • Easy access to the most up-to-date Pantone colors in Adobe Illustrator so that your physical guides match your digital software
  • Allows you to visualize how color will change on the most common packaging substrates so that you can make informed color decisions when designing your artwork
  • Provides and side-by-side preview of actual color appearance in your design file so you can identify where adjustments might be necessary
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The Pantone Simulator Prints provide you with a sheet of up to five PMS colors as they would appear on 28 of the most common packaging materials.


  • Provides an achievable color reference for your intended packaging material, which can be shared with your production partners or global supply chain
  • Color is measured by a Pantone technician to ensure color accuracy of approximately 1DE, which is barely perceptible to the human eye
  • Available to ship in 24-48 hours to meet critical design & production deadlines
  • The most customized, on demand product available from Pantone
  • Works in tandem with PantoneLIVE Design to improve your design workflow
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