Fashion, Home + Interiors - 210 New Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Colors

210 new shades for FASHION, HOME, + INTERIORS


Now available in both cotton and paper!

The 210 new colors range from the blackest of black to the most brilliant white.

With color trends constantly shifting and redefining themselves, our collection of 210 new shades gives you a greater range of creative expression and ensures that your color palettes are fresh, modern and relevant.

You asked us for more neutrals, whiter whites and deeper blacks.

That is what we delivered in this new range extension. The range also includes new colors across the gamut, extending all color families with 210 new shades.

Whites, the purest of the pure and that most classic of shades, were expanded in both warm and cool tones. Reminiscent of foams and milky sauces, these natural whites with names like Sea Salt and Buttercream have a soft quality to them. Brilliant White, a bright white that looks optically brightened, stands out in this palette of creamy whites.

Our new neutrals provide warmth and comfort with names like Almond Milk and Brazilian Sand. With the taupe and khaki family continuing to be important, we also added in a variety of warmer and more classic taupes including Hazelnut and Porcini.

With grays more in demand, we added a wide range of grays in varying color depths, ranging from the quieter Harbor Mist and Oyster Mushroom to the deeper charcoal shades, i.e., Blackened Pearl and Gray Pinstripe.

The deep and intense Black Onyx and Black Beauty are just two examples of the variety of new sleek and sophisticated blacks we added to round out the collection of black hues in our palette.

In the red family, we added a variety of richer, more elegant reds containing both blue and yellow undertones, with names like Goji Berry and Jalapeno Red, as well as some deeper wine reds with hints of brown, including Spiced Apple, Merlot and Red Pear.

As purple hues continue to soar and we embrace the more multi- dimensional aspect of purple, we added some more vibrant red-based purples such as Grape Kiss and Charisma, several grayed-down purples with blue undertones suggestive of Arctic Dust and Plum Truffle, an array of softer midtones, i.e. Lilac Breeze and Purple Rose, and some more mystical purples including Purple Sapphire and the smoky Violet Indigo.

With the blues becoming more nuanced, to broaden our palette of blues, we added varying degrees of watery and more vibrant aquamarine blues with names like Iced Aqua, Deep Lagoon, Ibiza Blue and Island Paradise. Some more cooler, ethereal shades were added, like Zen Blue, Serenity and Airy Blue, chambray blues including Blue Horizon and Quiet Harbor and some classic navies, i.e. Maritime Blue and darker green blues, i.e. Gibraltar Sea, Moonlit Ocean and Deep Dive.

The continued influence of the green family led to the addition of a wide array of green shades, ranging from the natural and earthy warm yellow-greens like Guacamole and Split Pea to the true green shades of Lush Meadow, the olive-infused Sea Turtle and Kalamata, the deep blue-influenced greens, Forest Biome, Rain Forest and the citrusy energetic shades of Lime Popsicle and Evening Primrose.

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