Fashion Color Report Fall 2016, Question and Answer with Charles & Ron
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PANTONE Color Institute

Fashion Color Report Fall 2016
Charles & Ron

Pantone Color Institute
April 11, 2016

A question & answer session with Charles & Ron - part of our ongoing series featuring designers from Pantone's Fashion Color Report Fall 2016

Swatch by Charles & Ron showcasing Pantone's Spicy Mustard
Swatch by Charles & Ron showcasing Pantone's Spicy Mustard

What colors and color combinations will be most prominent in your Fall 2016 collection?

Cardinal Pink, Warm Red and Saffron Yellow, which feature in a graphic colour block and stripe pattern. These colors are mixed with Rich Classic Camel and highlighted with Black which remains a staple in the Charles & Ron collections.

What inspired your choice of colors?

Our Fall 16/17 collection is a vibrant collection of graphic prints inspired by ecclesial color schemes and by the decorative lights seen on a Maltese Basilica during Mediterranean village feasts.

What is the most important color in your collection for Fall 2016 and why?

Cardinal Pink is a key color in this collection; it is an exciting and rich color that brightens up our winter palette.

What is the must-have item for Fall 2016 and what color(s) is it?

A short hybrid cape/jacket made in a color block print mix that incorporates all the colors in the collection: Cardinal Pink, Saffron Yellow, Warm Red, Rich Classic Camel and Black.

What color are you now attracted to that you would not have used in the past? What have you changed your mind about that color?

Rich Classic Camel is a new color for us, we were attracted to this color as it is the perfect neutral. It created the right color balance together with the more vibrant shades in the collection.


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