Fashion Color Report Fall 2016, Question and Answer with Kung Katherine
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PANTONE Color Institute

Fashion Color Report Fall 2016
Kung Katherine

Pantone Color Institute
April 11, 2016

A question & answer session with Kung Katherine - part of our ongoing series featuring designers from Pantone's Fashion Color Report Fall 2016

Swatch by Kung Katherine showcasing Pantone's Potter's Clay

What colors and color combinations will be most prominent in your Fall 2016 collection?

Emerald Green and Dusty Gold are the most prevalent colors in the Kung Katherine Fall 2016 collection. I find this to be a classic combination that evokes romance. Both are warm shades I find to be deserving of the fall season.

What inspired your choice of colors?

My recent trip to Tokyo and Kyoto was the inspiration for this collection as well as the basis for the color story. The reflection on the pond of Kinkaku-ji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion) surrounded by deep green Japanese pine trees is probably one of the most beautiful sites I have ever visited. The image really stayed with me and I guess I must have subconsciously pulled from that memory when designing.

What is the most important color in your collection for Fall 2016 and why?

Dusty Gold because it truly represents the mood of the collection and the Wabi-sabi aesthetic that influenced it.

What is the must-have item for Fall 2016 and what color(s) is it?

(as seen in illustration) The Kung Katherine strapless combo gown with asymmetrical pleats along the neckline is the season's "must-have." The top part is a Wabi-sabi inspired abstract print and the gown skirt is a rich Mustard Orange.

What color are you now attracted to that you would not have used in the past? What have you changed your mind about that color?

Mustard Orange: it's a very rich and particular color which can be tricky, but when you pair it with the right outfit or accessory I think it's an absolute show-stopper.


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