Fashion Color Report Fall 2016, Question and Answer with Designer Max 'n Chester
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PANTONE Color Institute

Fashion Color Report Fall 2016
Max 'n Chester

Pantone Color Institute
March 18, 2016

A question & answer session with Max 'n Chester - part of our ongoing series featuring designers from Pantone's Fashion Color Report Fall 2016

Swatch by Max 'n Chester showcasing Pantone's Sharkskin

What colors and color combinations will be most prominent in your Fall 2016 collection?

Warm and cool Grays, Charcoal and Navy.

What inspired your choice of colors?

We always like to work with neutral tones and fibers.

What is the most important color in your collection for Fall 2016 and why?

Indigos and Charcoals. Why? We run it season in and season out.

What is the must-have item for Fall 2016 and what color(s) is it?

There are many must haves in our collection.

What color are you now attracted to that you would not have used in the past? What have you changed your mind about that color?

We always have our focus on certain colors we like to work with. It is very unlikely a surprise pops up.


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