MESKITA by Alessandra Meskita - Desert Sage, Stormy Weather - Fall 2015 Pantone Fashion Color Report


MESKITA by Alessandra Meskita
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Prominent Colors

Shades of Gray, Black, Navy, Teal and Beige. All the colors have a chic and cooling feeling and are mixed and matched through different layers and transparencies. For example, a Black fabric under a Teal fabric creates a dark Gray effect. This season, the collection has a number of items that showcase layering color combinations.


My personal likes and observations in combination with my perception of current women trends. It’s very important to have neutral pieces, so that women can mix and match and create their own unique looks. I always travel light, so I need garments that I can wear in a variety of different ways. A basic White chiffon blouse can be paired over a skirt but also worn with a dark Gray T-shirt and Black pants for a classic, chic look.

Signature Colors

Black. It’s my favorite color to wear, especially in colder months. It also has a royal and sophisticated feel to it that I have incorporated into the collection.

Must-have Item For Fall 2015

The Black and White pleated skirt, which is a mix of leather and silk chiffon. The collection mixes feelings of tough, strong and sexy. I have noticed that I am often defined by the fashion world as a mix of "tough New Yorker” and “sexy, feminine Brazilian.” I feature a mix of strong materials and flowing fabrics in my collection to represent this.

What is your design philosophy when it comes to color classics and/or color chaos?

The women I design for in today’s world are elegant and happy. They respect color chaos but also wear color classics, while admiring both futuristic and modern looks. I love both, but I feel like when you study society, color chaos was used during times of unrest. Those color combinations were used to bring color and excitement to lives when it wasn’t naturally there.

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