Raoul - Desert Sage, Reflecting Pond, Cadmium Orange - Fall 2015 Pantone Fashion Color Report


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Prominent Colors

Warm and cool Grays, which we called Tiger Eye and Gray Opal. A very deep and dark Maroon with a Brown undertone we called Garnet, a very deep and dark Green with a Blue undertone we called Agate and a very deep and dark Navy Blue with a Black undertone we called Midnight Blue. All these work very well in combinations and in prints. Our pop colors are Amethyst Purple, Blue Topaz and a hint of Coral. Black and White remain a staple in our collection and anchor the palette.


Natural minerals for their formations and rich colors.

Signature Colors

A pastel, Blue Gray color, which we called Tourmaline Blue.

Must-have Item For Fall 2015

A pair of wide-leg gaucho pants in Gray felt.

What is your design philosophy when it comes to color classics and/or color chaos?

We are not afraid to push the boundaries and combine certain colors together in unthinkable ways. We anchor these color combinations through prints that incorporate the colors in questions. The key is to have a neutral and core color range that can run through the entire collection and tone down the colors of the season.

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