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London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019/2020

A nuanced color story displays sophistication and empowerment

  • Laurie Pressman
  • Pantone Color Institute
  • February 15, 2019
  • Each season the team at the Pantone Color Institute creates the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report; a color overview highlighting the top colors fashion designers showing at London Fashion Week will be featuring in their collections for the upcoming season. With color on the catwalk a key indicator of the color stories we can expect to see showing up across all areas of design, the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report is your easily accessible guide to the season’s most important color trends.

    Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report London Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report London Autumn/Winter 2019/2020
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    Published for the fashion industry by the Pantone Color Institute, this season’s report features the top 12 stand-out colors, as well as current takes on the four classic neutrals we can expect to see from fashion designers on the runway as they introduce their new autumn/winter collections.

    Autumn/winter 2019/2020 colors reflect a new level of color complexity; sophisticated and strong; a meaningful palette of color that empowers and instills confidence. Displaying endlessly varied combinations, color stories exhibit a mix of nuances, creating the feeling of freedom to create one’s own personalized identity.

    “The color story for Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 suggests rich tones, each capable of making a statement but also with a versatility that creates warmth and harmony when paired together,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “A sophisticated, yet bold collection of colors, this season's palette exudes confidence and empowerment.”

    About the Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 London Color Palette:

    A nuanced palette for Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 reflects a new level of color complexity; one that lends itself to endlessly varied combinations.

    PANTONE 17-1545 Cranberry
    PANTONE 17-1545
    Cranberry is a vital red that adds a pungent punch to the palette.
    PANTONE 19-1534 Merlot
    PANTONE 19-1534
    A fortifying wine shade, Merlot displays sophistication and depth.
    PANTONE 17-1450 Summer Fig
    PANTONE 17-1450
    Summer Fig
    Rich in flavor, Summer Fig infuses a touch of exoticism to the fall palette.
    PANTONE 16-1532 Crabapple
    PANTONE 16-1532
    Bringing warmth and comfort, orangey- rose Crabapple looks as though it were baked by the sun.
    PANTONE 19-1419 Chicory Coffee
    PANTONE 19-1419
    Chicory Coffee
    Robust and tasteful Chicory Coffee introduces an element of heartiness.
    PANTONE 18-4217 Bluestone
    PANTONE 18-4217
    Bluestone is a color of quiet resolve.
    PANTONE 19-4055 Galaxy Blue
    PANTONE 19-4055
    Galaxy Blue
    A thoughtful blue hue, Galaxy Blue is evocative of the greater galaxy.
    PANTONE 16-0840 Antique Moss
    PANTONE 16-0840
    Antique Moss
    An arresting yellow-based green Antique Moss displays sharp contrast to the autumn/winter color palette.
    PANTONE 19-5230 Forest Biome
    PANTONE 19-5230
    Forest Biome
    Forest Biome is a foresty green shade suggestive of the color of autumn flora.
    PANTONE 17-1143 Hazel
    PANTONE 17-1143
    A mellow brown, Hazel is thought of as an organic natural tone.
    PANTONE 15-1147 Butterscotch
    PANTONE 15-1147
    Butterscotch is a deliciously appealing golden yellow.
    PANTONE 18-3211 Grapeade
    PANTONE 18-3211
    The distinctive Grapeade is a notable muted mauve tone.

    About the Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Neutral Color Palette:

    Serving as a foundation, a range of seasonal staples that can stand alone or act as a contrast for individualized color mixes.

    PANTONE 12-0806 Rutabaga
    PANTONE 12-0806
    Rutabaga is a basic beige both rooted and timeless.
    PANTONE 17-0535 Green Olive
    PANTONE 17-0535
    Green Olive
    A definitive olive, Green Olive sets the standard for green.
    PANTONE 19-3815 Evening Blue
    PANTONE 19-3815
    Evening Blue
    Confident and classic, a deep blue symbolic of the evening sky.
    PANTONE 17-0000 Frost Gray
    PANTONE 17-0000
    Frost Gray
    An eternal gray shade, Frost Gray conveys gravitas and stability.

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