Pantone Cotton Swatch Case for the TCX Fashion & Home Color System

Cotton Swatch Case


You’ll love the creative flexibility
All 2,100 market-ready colors of the PANTONE Fashion + Home color system for fashion, textile, home and interior design – including 175 new hues!

You’ll love the portability
The complete color collection is organized in a convenient set of two streamlined, jewel-toned cases that make a design statement of their own.

Aggressive deadlines? Onsite work? Exacting clients?
The all new cotton swatch case gives you the right colors – fast—no matter where your work takes you. There’s no other product like it!

Perfect For:

  • Design Studios
  • Production Areas
  • Dye Houses
  • Mobile Designers

This item has been discontinued.


2,100 market-ready, technically achievable colors for inspiration, selection and accurate color communication for all fashion, textile, soft goods and interior design.

  • Individual removable 1” x 2” swatches catalogued in groups of ten
  • Each swatch has a numbered envelope location
  • Replacement swatches can be ordered from Pantone
  • YUPO® Envelopes – rugged, luxurious, bright white synthetic paper envelopes show off colors at their best and protect swatches from wrinkling
  • Extra envelopes are provided to create your own palettes and presentations
  • Jewel-toned case with metallic finish looks great in your work space and wherever you go
  • Removable lid stores neatly under case while in use


You’ll love these designer-focused features!

  • Swatches are chromatically arranged for easy color selection
  • Numbered and labeled envelopes for easy color location and swatch relocation
  • Light-weight cases easily hold all 2,100 Cotton Swatches and
  • Compact design is perfect for small spaces and can quickly be moved from office to studio to work site
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