How to cross-reference CMYK/RGB/HTML/L*a*b* data to PANTONE colors


I have CMYK/RGB/HTML/L*a*b* values. How can I find the closest PANTONE color?

Pantone does not provide a defined cross-reference between color data to solid PANTONE colors.

You can use Adobe Photoshop to enter values and cross-reference to the internal PANTONE libraries. Photoshop will default to the closest mathematical color. The steps to do this are as follows:

  • From the main toolbar, click the foreground/background color square to launch the Adobe Color Picker
  • Type the desired values into the text boxes provided. Note the change in color on the picker window.
  • Click the Color Libraries button
  • Select your desired PANTONE library from the droplist
  • Photoshop will display a range of seven colors, with one color outlined with a black border. This is the default color which is closest to the values entered

It is important to note that the above results are mathematical, and are also dependent upon the color settings used in Photoshop. Results should always be compared to a current PANTONE guide or book to insure accurate color.

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