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D-One Apparel Brings Inspirational Clothing to the Hip Hop Generation


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February 23, 2015

David D.One Solo, an Artist and Poet from Newark, N.J. is the founder of D-One apparel. Let's find out more about this inspirational brand.

What inspired you to start D-One apparel?

I started D-One (Disciple Of a New Era) Inspirational Apparel on January 2nd 2012. "Disciple Of a New Era" is a metaphor for "Student Of Life" and I chose the name for both the meaning and the positive energy it immediately sends. The brand is all about living positivity and learning from life. After years of having the thoughts marinating in my head about a line that stood out and made a difference, after a short internship at a clothing company in New York I decided to start my own line. I was tired of seeing the most negative images and messages on clothing being sold in the communities that need the most positivity so I knew that was our space "in the market".

The clothing industry can be quite competitive. How did you get the brand off the ground?

Starting the brand was extremely challenging, I started it with ZERO dollars. The entire first year of the line was only possible through bartering services, favors and contributions of time and work from family and friends. We have been extremely blessed. After the first year we adopted the saying "Nocdia" which is an acronym for No One Can Do It Alone and it is our motto now. As a line that isn't in stores yet and run by a small dedicated staff, our success or failure depends primarily on the people that we keep around us so our team is amazing. The brand has a great reputation for being fresh and fashionable but also being positive and cool which originally was a concern but all doubts have been settled through a great response to what we bring to the fashion world.

D-One Apparel
D-One Apparel
What inspirations do you draw on for D-One apparel designs?

Our clothing is inspired by music, art, culture, movements and all things positive. In 2015 we are looking to have an amazing year as we ended 2014 on a high note. Recently we have made major connections in the music industry through networking and events. Each day more opportunities are being discovered and our growth has become organic.

D-One Apparel
D-One Apparel
How do you choose which colors accompany each design in your line?

I'd say it’s definitely a feeling I get for each design. Most of our designs are offered in multiple colors, we also offer custom pieces that match just about anything. For example, we specialize in matching custom sneakers for the sneaker-loving community.

Why is color important to your brand identity?

Color is extremely important to our identity; we draw inspiration from the art world and life. We use art and color in and around everything that we do as a brand.

D-One Apparel
D-One Apparel
What’s next for D-One apparel?

The brand is only 3 years old but I've been in the fashion industry for over 10 years working on the production side, so the homework has been done and now the exam is in progress. In 5 years we look to be nationwide and not only have a D-One store but also be in other retailers.

We Inspire to Inspire and our Inspiration is Inspiration.



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