Dear ColorMunki™ Design customer:

We have recently updated the ColorMunki Design software to provide you the best user experience when using your ColorMunki. The latest update includes the following changes:

Display Profiling

  • Advanced Feature: Preferences pane addition for selection of Tone Response Curve shape for the display profile (gamma selection)
  • Fix related to profiling wide gamut displays
  • Improved projector profile support and enhancements to profile quality

Printer Profiling

  • Improved strip measurement error detection when building printer profiles

Design ColorPicker

  • Addition of PANTONE® Goe™ uncoated library and the PANTONE FASHION + HOME color libraries
  • Inclusion of new Microsoft.NET Service Pack 1 for improved stability of Windows® applications
  • Design ColorPicker to display same sRGB, CMYK, and HTML values as those in printed PANTONE ColorBridge® and PANTONE GoeBridge™ guides


  • Automatic software update notifications
  • Support and localization into Portuguese language


Thank you for being an X-Rite/Pantone ColorMunki customer!

- The ColorMunki Crew

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