Fashion Color Report Fall 2016, Question and Answer with Rachel Pally
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PANTONE Color Institute

Fashion Color Report Fall 2016
Rachel Pally

Pantone Color Institute
April 4, 2016

A question & answer session with Rachel Pally - part of our ongoing series featuring designers from Pantone's Fashion Color Report Fall 2016

Swatch by Rachel  Pally showcasing Pantone's Dusty Cedar
Swatch by Rachel Pally showcasing Pantone's Dusty Cedar

What colors and color combinations will be most prominent in your Fall 2016 collection?

Our Fall 2016 Rachel Pally collection consists of rustic earth tones and warm rich hues inspired by our Los Angeles sunsets, including PANTONE 17-1048 Inca Gold, PANTONE 18-1250 Bombay Brown, PANTONE 17-0613 Vetiver and PANTONE 17-1320 Tannin.

What inspired your choice of colors?

Sunrises and sunsets are incredible here in Los Angeles, and they provide endless color inspiration. Our journeys do inspire the color each season. This season we have an "India Spice Market meets Joshua Tree at dusk" color palette.

What is the most important color in your collection for Fall 2016 and why?

It's hard to single out which color is most important as this season our colors are so complementary and work beautifully together as a group. That said, we have a PANTONE 17- 1048 Inca Gold and it is a show-stopper yet so wearable because of how muted it is. This color makes our Foliage Print pop and brings vibrancy to the whole collection.

What is the must-have item for Fall 2016 and what color(s) is it?

A mid-length dress! A super versatile mid-length dress looks equally great dressed up or down. Wear it with booties for day and heels at night. Also, you can add layering over and under to take you entirely through a season.

What color are you now attracted to that you would not have used in the past? What have you changed your mind about that color?

Purple! We used to say it was our least favorite color, but we’ve been using variations of Violet and Plum for the last few seasons and we’re loving it and the way other colors are playing off of it.


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