Fashion Color Report Fall 2016, Question and Answer with Tadashi Shoji
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PANTONE Color Institute

Fashion Color Report Fall 2016
Tadashi Shoji

Pantone Color Institute
April 4, 2016

A question & answer session with Tadashi Shoji - part of our ongoing series featuring designers from Pantone's Fashion Color Report Fall 2016

Swatch by Tadashi Shoji showcasing Pantone's Lush Meadow
Swatch by Tadashi Shoji showcasing Pantone's Lush Meadow

What colors and color combinations will be most prominent in your Fall 2016 collection?

PANTONE 19-4305 Pirate Black, PANTONE 14-1313 Rose Cloud, PANTONE 18-3905 Excalibur, PANTONE 19-5511 Hunter Green and PANTONE 18-3920 Coastal Fjord

What inspired your choice of colors?

This season, I explore the allure of body ornamentation – from the intricate detail work of tattooing to the symbolic expression of skin beautification.

Tadashi Shoji's Workspace
Tadashi Shoji's Workspace

What is the most important color in your collection for Fall 2016 and why?

Neutral shades make a strong presence, including PANTONE 19-4305 Pirate Black and flesh tones such as PANTONE 14-1313 Rose Cloud, which are seen as key accent tones to give definition to the silhouettes, detailing and fabrications used in the collection.

What is the must-have item for Fall 2016 and what color(s) is it?

There is a lot of sex appeal for Fall – with sheer illusions, high slits and ornate bead work – to emulate the artistry and appeal of body art. Some of the must have items of the season include a sexy PANTONE 19-4305 Pirate Black lace and velvet gown with cut outs and a PANTONE 19-5511 Hunter Green and PANTONE 17-1336 Bran embellished shift dress with an oversized PANTONE 19-5511 Hunter Green and PANTONE 19-4305 Pirate Black faux fur jacket.

What color are you now attracted to that you would not have used in the past? What have you changed your mind about that color?

While it is unenviable to avoid Black, I tend to gravitate towards warmer tones that make me happy. This season, though, I fully embrace the color which adds a level of boldness and sexiness to the collection.


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