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Find Your Perfect Color Palette
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According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®, world-renown color psychologist and author of five books on color including the Pantone Guide to Communicating with Color and the new Color Answer Book, "Everyone has a specific color palette that flatters them and it’s based on eye, skin and hair color. When you wear colors that are really suited to you, it draws people in your direction."

To help you figure out what color clothes are right for you, Eiseman has created three color categories: Sunrise, Sunlight and Sunset. A fourth category, Crossover Colors, contains shades that look good on everyone.

Eyes: clear blue, very dark brown, light hazel (green/blue with flecks of yellow or brown)
Hair: ash blonde, platinum blonde, sandy or ash brown, blue-black
Skin: rosy pink, very fair, true olive, very dark

PANTONE 19-1759 American Beauty
PANTONE 19-2432 Raspberry Radiance
PANTONE 18-4247 Brilliant Blue
PANTONE 13-5313 Aruba Blue
PANTONE 12-0752 Buttercup
PANTONE 18-3946 Baja Blue
PANTONE 16-3118 Cyclamen
PANTONE 15-2216 Sachet Pink
PANTONE 17-2127 Shocking Pink
PANTONE 19-3748 Prism Violet
PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald
PANTONE 12-0741 Sunny Lime
PANTONE 15-1821 Flamingo Pink
PANTONE 16-3416 Violet Tulle
PANTONE 13-3405 Lilac Snow
PANTONE 16-5425 Pool Green

Eyes: variegated (multiple colors), hazel, brown with other colors
Hair: lots of streaks or different shades of blond or brown
Skin: ivory, neutral beige, combination rose and peach

PANTONE 17-0215 Aspen Green
PANTONE 13-0632 Endive
PANTONE 15-1319 Almost Apricot
PANTONE 16-1632 Shell Pink
PANTONE 16-1431 Canyon Clay
PANTONE 17-1230 Mocha Mousse
PANTONE 16-3815 Viola
PANTONE 16-3810 Wisteria
PANTONE 15-6428 Green Tea
PANTONE 12-0825 Golden Haze
PANTONE 15-1433 Papaya Punch
PANTONE 17-1635 Rose of Sharon
PANTONE 16-1806 Woodrose
PANTONE 17-1612 Mellow Mauve
PANTONE 16-4031 Cornflower Blue
PANTONE 16-4411 Tourmaline

Eyes: medium or deep blue, golden brown/amber, hazel, dark with honey flecks
Hair: golden blonde, red, coppery tones, honey brown, caramel, dark brown with reddish highlights
Skin: warm beige or brown hues, peach or olive with golden undertones

PANTONE 16-1343 Autumn Sunset
PANTONE 17-1558 Grenadine
PANTONE 18-2525 Magenta Haze
PANTONE 17-3932 Deep Periwinkle
PANTONE 16-0421 Sage
PANTONE 18-4530 Celestial
PANTONE 16-1439 Caramel
PANTONE 13-1027 Apricot Cream
PANTONE 18-1444 Tandori Spice
PANTONE 16-1641 Georgia Peach
PANTONE 17-3725 Bougainvillea
PANTONE 17-5029 Deep Peacock Blue
PANTONE 14-0445 Bright Chartreuse
PANTONE 15-1142 Honey Gold
PANTONE 17-1444 Ginger
PANTONE 14-0848 Mimosa

Crossover Colors
Eyes: any color
Hair: any hue
Skin: any tone

PANTONE 17-4402 Neutral Gray
PANTONE 19-1020 Dark Earth
PANTONE 13-1008 Bleached Sand
PANTONE 19-5920 Pineneedle
PANTONE 14-4318 Sky Blue
PANTONE 19-2814 Eggplant
PANTONE 19-1840 Deep Claret
PANTONE 19-0000 Raven
PANTONE 18-5203 Pewter
PANTONE 16-1210 Light Taupe
PANTONE 13-0822 Sunlight
PANTONE 17-4919 Teal
PANTONE 19-4030 True Navy
PANTONE 19-1521 Red Mahogany
PANTONE 19-1664 True Red
PANTONE 16-0613 Elm

Colors are from the PANTONE Shopping Color Guide. Based on Pantone's world-renown textile system for home and fashion, the PANTONE Shopping Color Guide incorporates all 1,757 colors in the PANTONE System into an easy-to-use fan guide that helps shoppers coordinate colors for every aspect of their shopping experience - from clothing to accessories to items for the home. In doing so, the Shopping Guide eliminates any and all guesswork when it comes to finding the colors you want.


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