What is PANTONE® EXTENDED GAMUT Color Printing?

The basic premise of PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT “XG” Printing is adding three additional base inks (Orange, Green and Violet) to the traditional CMYK ink set in order to “expand” the color gamut of typical process color printing. This enables printers to reproduce a wider range of colors. This fixed ink set can then be used to accurately simulate PANTONE Spot Colors.

Extended color gamut printing is not a new concept. It has been utilized by commercial printers and packaging converters for the past two decades. Widespread adoption has been limited until the last few years. With the alignment of industry associations, prepress technology partners, press manufacturers, and plate manufacturers, XG is now mainstream and accessible for the market segments that want to take advantage of it.

Understanding the design challenges around multiple spot color printing and also the needs of our industry, Pantone has created this seven-color printing guide as another universal language and reference of colors that brand owners, designers and printers can all speak and agree upon.

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