What is the difference between PANTONE TEXTILE Color System and PANTONE FASHION + HOME?

In 2003 we changed the name of the PANTONE TEXTILE COLOR System to the PANTONE FASHION + HOME. This change was made in order to provide our clients with a better understanding as to which of our systems were appropriate for their marketplace.

Enhancements to this product line which includes 1,925 colors are the following:

A) 196 new colors

B) Colors are arranged chromatically by color family. This makes it easier than ever to locate the "perfect blue," or the "exact shade of red" needed for a particular project.

C) New cotton formats such as the cotton selector, cotton swatch set and cotton passport have been added

D) Developed a relationship with Clariant resulting in consistent reproducible color that will allow dye mills to dramatically reduce color development lead times.

E) The paper edition product have been produced in a larger size for improved visualization.

Based on popularity and market demand, when we made these changes colors were both added and removed. Below is a listing of the changes:

The colors which have been removed:
1. PANTONE 11-0806 White Pearl
2. PANTONE 12-0764 Sundance
3. PANTONE 12-0814 Sugar Cookie
4. PANTONE 13-0841 Pyrite
5. PANTONE 14-0264 Lime Fizz
6. PANTONE 14-3906 Dewy Plum
7. PANTONE 14-4820 Shining Sea
8. PANTONE 14-5715 Glistening Green
9. PANTONE 15-1364 Orange Crush
10. PANTONE 15-1907 Mauve Pearl
11. PANTONE 15-3210 Dazzling Rose
12. PANTONE 15-4014 Starry Starry Night
13. PANTONE 16-0120 Polished Pistachio
14. PANTONE 16-1358 Shimmering Sunset
15. PANTONE 16-1664 Firewater
16. PANTONE 16-1830 Brilliant Blush
17. PANTONE 16-2016 Sparkling Rose
18. PANTONE 16-2164 Pink Lightning
19. PANTONE 16-3726 Lustrous Lavender
20. PANTONE 16-4028 Sapphire Shimmer
21. PANTONE 16-4550 Electric Blue
22. PANTONE 16-4722 Luminous Lagoon
23. PANTONE 17-2121 Raspberry Dazzle
24. PANTONE 17-2364 Mega-Magenta
25. PANTONE 17-3726 Amethyst Sheen
26. PANTONE 17-5639 Sparkling Emerald
27. PANTONE 18-1665 Firethorn
28. PANTONE 18-4223 Blue Dazzle

The colors which have been added:
1. PANTONE 12-0601 Eggnog
2. PANTONE 13-2806 Pink Lady
3. PANTONE 13-3820 Lavender Fog
4. PANTONE 14-2305 Pink Nectar
5. PANTONE 14-4112 Skyway
6. PANTONE 14-4510 Aquatic
7. PANTONE 16-0924 Croissant
8. PANTONE 16-3812 Heirloom Lilac
9. PANTONE 16-4010 Dusty Blue
10. PANTONE 16-4612 Reef Waters
11. PANTONE 17-3918 Country Blue
12. PANTONE 17-3920 English Manor
13. PANTONE 17-4730 Caneel Bay
14. PANTONE 18-1420 Wild Ginger

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