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Build a More Colorful World

Introducing the Pantone API for software and web applications

Build a More Colorful World

Seamlessly integrate Pantone Colors into your software and web platforms with the Pantone API. This digital color visualization language works in tandem with our physical color tools for graphics, print, fashion, home, and interiors. Now, it’s easier than ever to translate color between digital and physical mediums.

See, share, and shop color

With the Pantone API, software developers can build better solutions for color inspiration, visualization, production, and evaluation. Improve user experience and workflow efficiency with built-in, maintenance-free Pantone Color Libraries and tools.

Simple, synchronized access to Pantone Color Libraries

Search, browse, sort, and select colors, then get links to Pantone’s Swatch data and physical samples. Your color libraries update in real time, so you can be sure you’re always working with the latest Pantone Colors.

Easily convert digital color values into Pantone Standards

It’s a snap to translate color from digital to physical formats with Pantone’s API. The interface makes it easy to find Pantone matches for CMYK, RGB, and Hex colors.

Streamlined color integration means less time coding

No more entering color tables or extensive coding! The API’s rich queries do the heavy lifting so you can launch your product faster, and spend less time on building, testing, and maintenance.

Palettes powered by Pantone

Pantone licensing adds immediate color credibility for partners and customers. Match colors to brand specifications, work with trend-driven colors, and feel confident your hues are based on Pantone’s Master Standard digital data.

For software and applications developers

Make use of Pantone Color data for a range of application types including:
  • Design programs for fashion, graphics, and products, also CAD, and rendering programs
  • Workflow software including RIP/DFE imaging solutions, color management, QC, and color formulation software
  • Color apps used on mobile devices

For web developers

The Pantone API is ideal for website developers that want to communicate color for:
  • Website development, social media, and stock photography platforms
  • Digital product catalog platforms and digital web ordering front-end platforms
  • Pantone Dealer websites

Solid And Scalable

The Pantone API is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for maximum accessibility and robustness. AWS’ cloud infrastructure gives developers the flexibility and reliability to build however and whatever they want.

Versatile Functionality

Pantone’s web API can be easily integrated with Desktop, Mobile, IoT and Web applications. The API uses state-of-the-art GraphQL technology that allows you to create precise queries and keeps your bandwidth usage to a minimum.

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