Pantone B2B Licensing

Professional (B2B) Pantone Licensing

Pantone B2B Licensing

Pantone can be incorporated into products and services across many different applications and industries.

Any Pantone Color System is available for licensing, including the Pantone Graphics system, the Fashion, Home + Interiors system, or other systems such as the Pantone Skin Tone or Pantone Plastic Standard Chips collection.

We currently partner with licensees in a variety of established and emerging color-critical applications, and offer manufacturers the use of Pantone colors in the fulfillment of services, the development and marketing of different types of colored materials, software solutions for design and production use, and assorted color printing and display products.

Professional Services

Colored Materials can be licensed to use Pantone trademarks and to use our copyrighted numbering system to identify Pantone approved product colors within marketing collateral and materials packaging.

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Pantone Colored Materials

Software solutions can be licensed to use Pantone trademarks and integrate our copyrighted numbering system and digital data. This makes color selection and on-screen review fast and easy for users.

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Pantone Software Solutions

Printer and Display solutions can make use of customized Pantone materials and familiar trademarks to deliver accuracy and consistency in color output of one or more Pantone Color systems.

Pantone professional services are a prerequisite to qualify the capability of printers or displays to accurately simulate Pantone colors.

Licensing Models Available for Hardware Devices

Pantone Validated

PANTONE Validated

Evaluates the ability of a color control system and associated hardware configuration to accurately simulate the full range of Pantone Colors.

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Pantone Digital

PANTONE Calibrated

Provides a Pantone-developed, device-specific simulation of each Pantone Color for use on a specific printer and media.

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Pantone Capable


Assesses the potential of a device to simulate the colors of a Pantone Color System based on its color range or gamut.

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Advantages of Working with Pantone

  • Brand recognition from end-user with Pantone
  • Participation in the ecosystem of products that license Pantone Color identities and values
  • Simplification of color communication and realization for your customers
  • Augmentation of the color features of your product
  • Reduction in the set-up, installation and support costs related to your color-critical product

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