Color Intelligence - Modern Tools for the Modern Designer: Pantone Launches New Artist Covers
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Modern Tools for the Modern Designer: Pantone Launches New Artist Covers


Pantone Color Institute
March 16, 2015

The tools of design have evolved over the years, from wood block prints and handwritten calligraphy to modern computer software. While the methodology has changed over time, being able to reproduce and display consistent colors across multiple media remains the end goal for all designers. Regardless of whether you are an independent designer working on local projects or an international design firm creating branding for Fortune 500 companies, the color simply has to be right.

For over fifty-two years, Pantone’s color tools have ensured that the color in your design consistently, repeatedly matches the color that clients expect and demand. Since its introduction, the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® has grown to now contain 1,755 relevant solid colors which can be easily updated in your design software, ensuring concise global communication and matching. With updates influenced by designers, trends and discovery, our guides continue to grow to meet your needs.

Pantone's "Color, Evolved" Campaign featuring FORMULA GUIDE

On March 16, Pantone introduced the latest Artist Covers for our iconic FORMULA GUIDE and COLOR BRIDGE products. The new covers were curated from our PANTONE CANVAS Portfolio Community by Tim Heyer, Senior Creative Manger at Pantone. Featuring artwork by Alice Macarova on the FORMULA GUIDES and SOLID CHIPS, and Wayne Edson Bryan on COLOR BRIDGE, each cover exhibits a contemporary use of abstract design and a masterful use of color.

The modern designer needs modern tools. Let your colors evolve at


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