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COLORPLUS Graphics' customers 'Ecstatic' over Hexachrome

"We wanted to build our business with high-end clientele, to offer the client something special," explained Danny Bishop, operations manager of COLORPLUS Graphics. "We'd try anything. Two years ago, we started dabbling in Hexachrome, and it has since taken our clients' work to a higher level. I expected the world, and I'm getting it!"

Traditionally, achieving a new or distinctive look means the added expense of bump plates and spot colors. "We knew of another company using Hexachrome and getting great results. We looked at other hi-fi color processes, but they didn't make enough of a difference. Comparing Hexachrome to conventional CMYK printing is like night and day. Hexachrome doesn't just add two colors, it replaces all six colors with more vibrant, fluorescent inks. It allows us to offer our clients an economical solution for a result that stands out more - it's more vibrant, more brilliant," said Bishop. Download full article

Color chart

"Using spot colors, this would have been a three-pass job, but Hexachrome gave us superior results in one pass."

Annual report

"Hexachrome gave this project color and vibrancy that we wouldn't have been able to achieve with other methods."

Maui community brochures

"Hexachrome changes the way you think as a designer. We're sold on it!"


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