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classic whites

What is 120 years old, has gone from underwear to outerwear, from hip to haute, political statement to fashion statement, has been worn taut and dry by James Dean, tight and wet by Bo Derek. It's been tie-dyed in outrageous colors, splatter painted in glossy metallic tones and glamorized by the Gap. Of course, it's the all-American tshirt.

But no matter how it's been re-purposed, the best selling color remains white. From Pristine white to Magnolia, the resource used most frequently by mills, manufacturers, dyers and designers to specify just the right white is the Pantone Textile System that includes an increased range of the many nuances, shades, tints and tones of white. Some of the newer whites in the latest 175 Pantone Textile System range extension are:

Pantone (11-0103)

Pantone (11-4300)

Pantone (11-4800)

Pantone (11-4201)


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