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PANTONE Paints used at Palm Beach Fair to show Marie Antoinette's favorite color

Over the past decade, the Palm Beach Fair has become America’s premier destination fair for fine art and antiques. As a sponsor of this year’s special French-themed programs, we were happy to be invited to work with Mr. E. John Bullard, Director of the New Orleans Museum of Art, to embellish the Marie Antoinette exhibition walls by offering a variety of options from Pantone Paints’ repertoire of colors. Mr. Bullard selected Garden Green (PANTONE® 19-1528 TPX), a luxurious, somber hue noted for its balanced, restful and stately essence. Mr. Bullard’s choice afforded a sumptuous backdrop to Marie Antoinette’s grand state portrait by Elizabeth Louise Vigée LeBrun. You may know green is said to have been the Queen’s favorite color, perhaps because it embodied her love of nature as seen in the personal attention she lavished on her gardens. Pantone’s Garden Green beautifully compliments Vigée LeBrun’s lush blue and white tones of the Queen’s dress and deep reds of the table covering and the chair.

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